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WARNING: First Pitches Can Be Embarassing

Justin Bieber First Pitch

If you thought Justin Bieber was a bit wimpy before, take a look at him throwing out the first pitch at a Chicago White Sox game.  Bieber actually tries to wind up and act a little bit like he knows what he’s doing.  Then, he throws the ball and you realize he has been singing all his life and has never even played Little League.

John Wall First Pitch

Then, there’s the curious first pitch thrown by John Wall. Now, I understand that he’s a basketball player and not a baseball player, but you’d think he’s a pretty decent athlete and could throw a baseball 60′ 6″ relatively close to home plate!

President George W. Bush First Pitch

Now, George Bush, there’s a president that could throw out a first pitch with some zip on it.

Mariah Carey First Pitch

Mariah Carey, not so much, but who really cares.

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