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Baseball’s Hottest Wives Nominee: Kim DeJesus

Kim DeJesus must be really happy.  Her husband just signed a 2 year, $10 million contract with the Chicago Cubs.  And, the Cubs were Kim’s favorite team growing up in Wheaton, Illinois; her Dad was a Cubs season ticket holder.  In fact, Kim said she had a poster of Ryan Sandberg on her wall and said that she planned to marry Sandberg.  Same team, wrong baseball player husband.

Kim has been tweeting up a storm since David made the move to her beloved Cubs.  You can follow Kim DeJesus Twitter account at @KimDeJesus12.


Kim DeJesus

Kim DeJesus once said she would marry Ryan Sandberg.

Kim DeJesus

Kim DeJesus - lifelong Cubs fan

Kim DeJesus sexy pictures

HOLY (De)JESUS: Kim DeJesus

See more hot pictures of Kim DeJesus after the jump.  Ages 18+ only please.

Kim DeJesus, A's
A’s Plus: Kim in an Athletics uniform.
Kim DeJesus
ROCKIN’ IT: Kim DeJesus knows how to rock a little black dress.


At Fantasy Baseball Dugout, we take great pride in finding Baseball’s Hottest Wives.  It’s the most popular segment of our site.  That’s why we are kicking ourselves as to how we’ve missed Kim all these years since David DeJesus has been a regular in the league since 2004.  We’re guessing you are going to be seeing more of Kim DeJesus in the 2012 Baseball’s Hottest Wives competition.

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