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Heidi Watney Leaving Sox

As if the sting of the Boston Red Sox September collapse was not enough, now it is losing NESN in-game reporter Heidi Watney who is leaving for a bigger gig in her native California with the Los Angeles Lakers (hey are they playing now?).  Heidi was a former runner-up as Miss California and has worked with the Red Sox for four seasons.  She is the cousin of professional golfer Nick Watney.

In 2009, Watney was rumored to have been dating Jason Varitek.

For late breaking news about Heidi Watney’s departure from NESN, you can follow Heidi Watney on Twitter where she is currently vacationing in Australia.

The loss of Heidi Watney is compounded by the Red Sox faithful loss of Hazel Mae to the MLB Network.  Watney had replaced Hazel Mae on the Ultimate Red Sox Show back in 2008 when she first arrived at NESN.  So, this one must really sting in New England.

Based on past history, you can bet that Fantasy Baseball Dugout will be closely watching whom will become the Red Sox new in-game reporter at NESN.

Just what California needs–another hot blonde.

Enjoy our Heidi Watney Pictures Gallery

Heidi Watney with Jason Varitek

Heidi interviews Jason Varitek in 2008

Heidi Watney pics

Heidi Watney

Heidi Watney, Kevin Youkilis

Heidi Watney with Kevin Youkilis at All Star Game

Too hot for the home page.  Bikini pictures of Heidi Watney after the jump.

Heidi Watney bikini pics

California Girls: Heidi Watney

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