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Fantasy? Jamie Moyer Attempting 2012 Comeback

He’s 49-years-old, but won’t let his pending membership in AARP damage his enthusiasm for the game that he loves.

Jamie & Karen Moyer

Jamie Moyer with wife Karen

“There will be naysayers, but they’ve been there my whole career,” Jamie Moyer said in a telephone conversation the other day. “I don’t let them affect me in a negative way. If anything, I turn it into a positive.”

Moyer was released three times before the age of 29.  At age 29, he started a minor league comeback.  Now, smack in the middle of mid-life, Moyer is nearly a year removed from Tommy John surgery and poised to find a club interested in taking him on.

Living in San Diego, Moyer is certainly going to get some off-season looks by scouts.  But, what will they see?  They’ll see a pitcher who throws so soft that it’s a wonder that he ever gets anybody out, but he does.  Seeing Moyer throw a bullpen, it would be hard to imagine that too many scouts will walk away impressed…unless he faces actual hitters.

What keeps Moyer going?

“The passion I have for the game and the belief that I still think I have something that I can contribute to a club,” he said. “I loved the time off I had this season. I did a lot of nice things with my family. I did some work for ESPN. But I do miss it. The longer I’m away, the more I miss it.”

Leaving on his own terms seems to be the driving force behind Moyer’s decision to want to return to the game.

“I’d like to pitch again. I’d like to have the opportunity to walk away from the game healthy and on my own terms, and I’m willing to earn it. Whatever you get in this game, you have to earn. I know I need to earn it.”

I’ve seen him do it too many times.  I’m not counting out Jamie Moyer.

Jamie Moyer: Fantasy Baseball 2012 Outlook — Fantasy baseball managers will likely be cautious in picking up Moyer.  He’s not a strikeout pitcher, but he sports a good WHIP.  In 2010, Moyer’s WHIP was 1.10 with a 9-9 record.  I would suspect that if Moyer signs on with a club, it will likely be as a reliever and spot starter.  Therefore, he will likely have limited fantasy value except in the deepest of leagues.

That being said, I’ll wait and see who picks him up and how he looks in the Spring.

Don’t ever count out Jamie Moyer.  Even if he’s almost 50.

2010 Career
Games 19 686
Wins 9 267
Loses 9 204
Saves 0 0
SO 63 2405
IP 111.7 4020.3
WHIP 1.101 1.317

Interested in purchasing a new home in Seattle?  Jamie Moyer’s home is available for $7.8 million.

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