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Roberts and Kelly in Baseball’s Hottest Wives Pennant Race

As the Major League Baseball season trots into its final week, there are still wild card playoff berths pending.  In the American League, the Red Sox are holding on to a slim 2 1/2 game lead over the Rays and 3 1/2 over the Angels.  In the National League, the Atlanta Braves are holding on to the wild card berth with a 2 1/2 game lead over the Cardinals and a 4 1/2 game lead over the Giants.

Diana Roberts, Baseball Hot Wife

SLIM LEAD: Diana Roberts is on top.

But, the closest contest of them all might be Fantasy Baseball Dugout’s Baseball’s Hottest Wives contest.  In the closest vote in the four year history of the competition, Diana Roberts, wife of Orioles’ second baseman Brian, holds onto the slimmest lead–a .23 % advantage over Derek Jeter’s ex-fiancee Minka Kelly.

The 2011 4th Annual Baseball’s Hottest Wives competition has been met with a frenzy of controversy.  So much that it was discussed on several sports talk radio stations.

You see, the official rules of the Baseball’s Hottest Wives competition does allow for fiancees to be considered as wives for the purpose of the voting.  Hence, Minka Kelly, one of the star’s of the new TV series “Charlie’s Angels” was clearly eligible.  But, midway through the 2011 battle of the baseball beauties, Kelly and Jeter announced that their engagement was called off.  Not surprising, given Jeter’s clearly impressive resume of past girlfriends.

This announcement caused an emergency meeting of the staff of Fantasy Baseball Dugout and the listeners to the Spadora on Sports radio show that we are part of.  Content manager Jonathan “Batboy BeeZee” Bentz suggested that Kelly be permitted to stay in the competition (she was actually leading at the time) and if she won, she would receive an asterisk beside her name on the official list of past winners.  The motion was passed at an ensuing Board of Directors meeting.  Just when you think you’ve thought of everything, something like this happens.

I’m sure you have your favorite hot wife.  Now is your time to let your feelings known in the final days of voting.  Voting ends on September 30, 2011 at midnight.  Don’t be surprised if the Japanese voting block comes through with a rush of votes for Saeko Darvish as they did last year to give us our first ever Japanese baseball babe winner.  And, Heidi DeRosa, the winner of the first two competitions is staying within striking distance of the title.  No doubt DeRosa is probably still smarting after giving up her crown last year.

With 10 days of voting left to go, here are the totals:

  • Diana Roberts — 14.47%
  • Minka Kelly — 14.24%
  • Emily Greinke — 11.18%
  • Heidi Hamels — 10.82%
  • Heidi DeRosa — 7.65%
  • Laura Posada — 7.18%

If you’d like to vote for Baseball’s Hottest Wife 2011, visit


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