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Angels Wives

Anaheim Angels wives

CALI'S ANGELS-- Back Row: Jody Kendrick, Patty Hatcher, Ashley Miller (Peter Bourjos' girlfriend), Deanna Evans (Jordan Walden's girlfriend) and Ashley Thompson. Front Row: Kristin Travis (Jered Weaver's fiancee), Andrea Jepsen and Lori Wilson


Jody Kendrick was previously nominated for Baseball’s Hottest Wives.  Kristin Travis, fiancee of Jered Weaver, has been nominated by several readers and should be considered a candidate for the 2012 Baseball’s Hottest Wives.

Other fans have said that Shirley Pineiro should be part of our elite group, but we can’t find any appropriate pictures of Shirley on the web.  Can some fans out there help us out for a good cause?

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