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Hottest MLB Players

Baseball’s Sexiest Players

Fantasy Baseball Dugout has polled its female readers and come up with a list of the top baseball players that it would like to hit a home run with. Fantasy Baseball Dugout’s 2011 edition of Baseball’s Hottest (Looking) Players is now available.

Philadelphia – Fantasy Baseball Dugout, a popular fantasy baseball tips and advice site, announces its Baseball’s Hottest Looking Players for 2011.

Joe Mauer sexy catcher


For four years, Fantasy Baseball Dugout ( has been holding its Baseball’s Hottest Wives competition.  It is, by far, the most popular segment of the highly regarded fantasy baseball site run by co-founders BallparkBob and BatBoyBeeZee.

“We kept hearing from our female readers that they wanted equal playing time, so we gave it to them,” said Bob Bentz, president of Olympic Internet, the company behind Fantasy Baseball Dugout.

Nominations for the hottest looking baseball players came from the following sources: emails from the site itself; comments on the site; messages on Facebook; Twitter messages; text message marketing supplied by

Two years ago, female fans selected Baseball’s Hottest Looking Players for Fantasy Baseball Dugout and New York Yankees’ shortstop Derek Jeter was named on the most ballots.  Jeter, who has dated many of America’s most eligible bachelorettes, including Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba, and Jessica Biel, had been engaged to Charlie’s Angels star Minka Kelly until the two broke in a seventh inning split up just a few weeks ago.

While the future Hall of Famer Jeter remains a female baseball fan favorite, Minnesota Twins’ catcher Joe Mauer emerged as Baseball’s Sexiest Player for 2011.  Smitten female fans said that Mauer had “piercing eyes” and “a killer body,” while other women admired his baseball prowess as well as his good looks by saying that Mauer had “a rocket for an arm” and  “he can really hit.”  Mauer’s recent advertisements for Head and Shoulders likely gave the Minnesota backstop national recognition that normally does not come with playing with a small market team like the Twins.

One notable omission from the Fantasy Baseball Dugout list of sexiest baseball players was handsome Alex Rodriguez, third baseman for the New York Yankees.  A-Rod has been linked to many beautiful Hollywood starlets and is currently dating Cameron Diaz, but apparently his cheating ways with his ex-wife Cynthia Rodriguez were not lost on female fans, many of whom mentioned his indiscretions during their selections.

Players that received the most all-stud votes, by position, from readers of Fantasy Baseball Dugout were:

  • Catcher – Joe Mauer (Minnesota Twins)
  • First Base – James Loney (Los Angeles Dodgers)
  • Second Base – Sean Rodriguez (Tampa Bay Rays)
  • Third Base –  David Wright (New York Mets)
  • Shortstop –  Derek Jeter (New York Yankees)
  • Outfielder – Andre Ethier (Los Angeles Dodgers)
  • Outfielder – Grady Sizemore (Cleveland Indians)
  • Outfielder – Jayson Werth (Washington Nationals)
  • Starting Pitcher –  Cole Hamels (Philadelphia Phillies)
  • Relief Pitcher – Huston Street (Colorado Rockies)

Fantasy Baseball Dugout’s female readers not only named the sexiest players at each position, but also filled out a complete lineup of its top 25 female fan favorites, plus a very deep bench that includes Rihanna’s boyfriend Matt Kemp of the Dodgers.

“Outfield was a very crowded position,” said Bentz.  “I guess we now know what our female readers’ favorite position is.”

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