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PENCESYLVANIA: Fantasy Baseball Impact of Trading Deadline Deals

Today, Fantasy Baseball Dugout takes a look at the major trading deadline deals and their potential impact on your fantasy baseball team.

Hunter Pence Trade to Phillies 

Jason Bourgeois

Jason Bourgeois: The real opportunity in the Hunter Pence deal.

Hunter Pence is having a solid year for a very bad Houston team and at age 28, he’s probably at his peak performance year.  Pence was, by far, the most popular Astro player so a trade of the affable right fielder hit the club hard.  But, they got a lot of solid prospects in return, especially Chris Singleton who the Astros think will one day be a 30 homerun guy.  It also strengthens a very weak minor league organization as Houston begins its rebuilding efforts.

A trade to the Phillies should help Pence out as he’ll be playing for a contender, in a cozy ballpark, and have more hitters around him.  That being said, Pence’s numbers are already solid and we don’t expect much change as he moves into the # 5 slot behind Howard.  The way Pence plays, he’ll become immediately popular at already crowded Citizen’s Bank Park.  As for Ruben Amaro Jr., he may be knighted in the City of Brotherly Love.

The losers in this deal are those owners who have Dominic Brown.  Brown will likely be sent down to the Iron Pigs this weekend when Placido Polanco returns from the DL.  And, if you think that Ben Francisco has been sent out to pasture by Charlie Manuel, you haven’t seen anything yet; Francisco is at best now a pinch hitter and may possibly be joining Brown at Triple-A until September.

But, as with all baseball trades, it’s not the obvious big name in the trade that is the beneficiary.  The real opportunity in the Hunter Pence deal is to pick up Jason Bourgeois.  Bourgeois is hitting .370 in limited playing time this year (119 AB’s).  But, the amazing stat on Bourgeois is that he has 20 stolen bases.  And, stolen bases are a commodity that are much coveted this time of year.  Bourgeois is owned in only 7% of ESPN fantasy leagues so he’s likely to be available in your league.

Jump on Jason Bourgeois now!

And, when you announce your trade, don’t sound like a dummy and mis-pronounce his name as the White Sox Joey Cora did in Spring Training this year.  “Boozh-wah.”


Carlos Beltran to Giants

Fantasy baseball owners should not be rejoicing in Carlos Beltran’s trade to San Francisco.  Carlos Beltran moves to a less hitter-friendly park on one of the most anemic hitting teams in the National League.  We don’t see Beltran’s numbers improving in San Fran so if you have a chance to deal him in your fantasy baseball league, do so now.

The losers for the Giants are last year’s NLCS hero Cody Ross and Nate Schierholtz.  Ross and Schierholtz are the likely platoon in left field with Beltran on the scene.  The acquisition of Beltran could help the numbers of Aubrey Huff and Pablo “Panda” Sandoval who will now have more help in the Giants lineup as San Francisco bulks up for its showdown with the Phillies in the playoffs.

As for the fantasy baseball winner in the Beltran deal, that has to be the Mets’ Lucas DudaLucas Duda is the fantasy sleeper in the trade and he has shown some power in his minor league days (23 HR’s in 2010) and he will become the regular right fielder with Beltran gone.  On the year, Lucas Duda is at .277/2/19/1.

Kosuke Fukodome to Indians

The Cubs trade of Kosuke Fukodome to the Indians is not a big deal in fantasy baseball circles.  Fukodome has only been a part-timer for the Cubs this year at .273/3/13/2.  Fukodome does fill a need in the Cleveland lineup with both Shin Sho Choo and Grady Sizemore on the shelf.  But, Choo will be back in 2 more weeks and Sizemore will be back in 4 more weeks.  The amount of time that Fukodome gets after these guys return is likely dependent on how successful Ezequel Carrera is in center field.  If Carrera hits, expect Fukodome to be nothing more than a bat off the bench come late August.  So, unless you play in an AL-only league and need a short term fill-in, we don’t see Fukodome as much of a fantasy baseball impact player.

The real fantasy baseball winner in this trade is Tyler Colvin who is now back in the Cubbies lineup.  Tyler Colvin has shown much power potential, but at other times has simply been awful.  He’s slotted to the regular in right field now for the Cubs and we’ll seen if he’s re-gained his hitting ability after a stint in the minors.  In 99 AB’s this year, Colvin is hitting a mighty .111.  It’s not like Colvin was reincarnated like Joe Jackson at Triple-A Iowa.  Colvin hit just .256 with 1 lousy walk since May in Iowa.


Edwin Jackson to Cardinals

Usually, a move from the American League to the National League is an opportunity in fantasy baseball.  Not so fast when it comes to Edwin Jackson.

Jackson’s WHIP this year is 1.41 with a 3.86 ERA.  Although he went 7 innings and won his initial start in St. Louis, we are concerned about his 5.16 ERA and 1.50 WHIP last year with the Diamondbacks.  We are not recommending you pick up Edwin Jackson unless you play in a deep National League-only league.


Colby Rasmus to Blue Jays

Outfielder Colby Rasmus should see an improvement as he moves to the more hitter friendly Rogers Centre in Toronto.  Rasmus had developed a bit of an attitude problem in St. Louis and this was one of the reasons that the Cardinals decided to deal the unhappy outfielder.

The real fantasy baseball winner in the deal, however, is the Cardinals Jon Jay who takes over Rasmus spot in the St. Louis outfield.  Jay is hitting a solid .311 on the year with 7/27/5.  While Rasmus has more power (11 HR’s), Jay can hit for average and is the superior defensive  player.

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