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Do you go by the names or the numbers?

Editor’s Note: Below is another awesome contribution to the Fantasy Baseball Dugout library from the Fantasy Baseball Scholars, Ryan Jones and Tim Lander. Make sure you check them out on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, too.

Jeff Karstens fantasy baseballNames sometimes lie to us. Our perception of a player is often dictated by their reputation or pedigree. As a fantasy owner, you must determine whether it’s the name you want or the numbers. A successful fantasy owner knows that it is always the actual numbers. Lack of knowledge on what a particular players actual numbers are can give you a statistical advantage over your leagues owners. The best way to compare players is without the names attached. Take a look at these players stats to see how your perception matches up with reality on a statistical analysis. Statistics are IP/QS/ERA/WHIP/K and updated as of July 21st, 2011.

  • Pitcher A: 107.7/12/2.28/1.04/61
  • Pitcher B: 115.2/14/2.26/1.11/71

Who has the edge here? They are basically identical. ERA is about the same, Pitcher A has a better WHIP, and Pitcher B gets a few more strikeouts. Know who they are?  Pitcher A is Pittsburgh’s Jeff Karstens, while Pitcher B is Jair Jurrjens, who made the All Star Game.

  • Pitcher A: 12 QS / 3.37 ERA / 1.16 WHIP / 8 W / 7.76 K/9
  • Pitcher B: 14/3.26/1.15/8/8.66

Pitcher B in essence, strikes out one more batter per nine innings than Pitcher A. Other than that their numbers are similar across the board. Pitcher A is Jhoulys Chacin, Pitcher B is Felix Hernandez.

  • Pitcher A: 14 QS / 2.90 ERA / 1.20 WHIP / 8 W / 10.17 K/9
  • Pitcher B:  9/3.01/1.17/7/8.51

Pitcher A has a clear edge in strikeouts but not much more. He should, it’s Tim Lincecum. Pitcher B? Scott Baker

  • Pitcher A: 37 IP / 34 K / 23 SV / 4 BSV / 1.70 ERA / .97 WHIP
  • Pitcher B: 43.2 / 38 / 28 / 1 / 1.30 / .92

I decided to throw a reliever in the mix. Pitcher B is having a dominant season. Chances are he wasn’t drafted in your league, but was most likely picked up on the waiver wire. Pitcher B is Joel Hanrahan. Pitcher A may be the best closer of all time, Mariano Rivera. Find analysis on 3 hitters after the jump… 

  • Hitter A: 12 HR / 54 RBI / 61 R / 14 SB / .294 BA / .331 OBP
  • Hitter B: 14 / 55 / 62 / 16 / .288 / .356

Hitter A was a bargain free agent signing by a small market club.  Hitter B was a consensus top 10 pick in all leagues. Hitter A is Melky Cabrera. Hitter B is Carlos Gonzalez.

  • Hitter A: 17 HR / 55 RBI / 47 R / 12 SB / .242 BA / .330 OBP
  • Hitter B: 18 / 64 / 47 / 6 / .270 / .344

Hitter A was a pre-season Scholar sleeper and Hitter B was no worst than the #2 ranked SS by all publications. Hitter A is Danny Espinosa. Hitter B is Troy Tulowitzki.

  • Hitter A: 26 HR / 70 RBI / 85 R / 18 SB / .272 BA / .366 OBP
  • Hitter B: 3 / 38 / 36 / 14 / .271 / .384

We ripped player A all over our website this off-season yet he is on pace for 44 HR’s, 146 runs, 120 RBI’s, 31 SB’s, and a .366 OBP.  Player B meanwhile was in our Elite 13 for being a lock to obtain a .370 OBP, 15+ SB’s, 15+HR’s, 80 runs, and 80 RBI.  (Yes we’re man enough to admit when we were wrong). Hitter A is Curtis Granderson. Hitter B is Bobby Abreu.

As you can see by this collective list, fantasy baseball is much more in depth than many of us truly know.  The league champions are the guys who recognize bargains and jump on it while also knowing when to let go of a washed up fantasy star.  If you’re not following your guys and the free agent market you might be missing out on the next Jose Bautista or Nelson Cruz.

– The Scholars: Tim Lander and Ryan Jones

You can follow us on Facebook at Fantasy Baseball Scholars or on twitter at @ScholarsFBB.

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