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Phillies Looking for Bat at Deadline

Just where will Carlos Beltran end up?

Melky Cabrera

Melky Cabrera

Carlos Beltran is having a monster year and if you drafted Beltran and Lance Berkman, you probably draft two of the best value players in the 2011 fantasy baseball draft.  Beltran is .293/14/59/3 on the season.  If you thought Carlos Beltran was washed up, you were wrong.  We didn’t; we had Beltran as one of our bounce back hitters for 2011.

The biggest talk is that Beltran will end up in Philadelphia and the Phillies are one team that Beltran has agreed to accept a trade to.  But, the Phillies are also reported to be speaking with Melky Cabrera of the Royals.  It looks obvious that the Phillies plan to strengthen their team with a right-handed bat and a relief pitcher prior to the trading deadline.  The Melk Man may be the better choice at .296/12/54/14.

But, the Phillies farm system is not what it used to be.  It has been giving future talent for several years now to make trading deadline acquisitions.  Cabrera seems like the more obvious choice.  Melky is only making $1.25 million and will command less prospects than Cabrera will.

If you play in an NL-only league, having a player like Cabrera move into your league is something to seriously consider with a late season pickup.

For now, it’s just a waiting game as the haves and the have nots move toward the trading deadline.

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