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5 Biggest Fantasy Baseball Flops

Adam Dunn

THUMBS DOWN: for fantasy baseball managers who drafted Adam Dunn.

It’s halfway through the 2011 MLB season and there are surprises and there are disappointments.  The biggest disappointments are easy to find.  Just look in the infield of the White Sox, Braves, and Marlins.  And, the outfield of the Red Sox.

#1 Biggest Disappointment — Adam Dunn, 1B, White Sox

When the White Sox picked up Adam Dunn, we thought Dunn would have a monster year.  When you look at the Ballpark Index of US Cellular Field, the choice seemed obvious.  Dunn, who had hit 38 homeruns each of the past two years and 40 homeruns each year from 2005 to 2008, seemed like the mark of consistency.  We projected Dunn to hit 49 bombs as the DH in Chicago.  Not so Fantasy Baseball Dugout.  Dunn has been horrible.  We knew he was going to fan a whole bunch, but 115 (41% of this AB’s) is absurd.

#2 Biggest Disappointment — Dan Uggla, 2B, Braves

We also predicted a good year for Uggla as he moved from the Marlins to the Braves.  He’d be around better players, in a better hitters ballpark, and with a contender.  It hasn’t helped.  Uggla has shown signs of breaking out of his slump, but it simply hasn’t happened.  Also a mark of consistency (Uggla had hit between 31 and 33 homeruns each of the past four years), the second baseman has struggled to a .177 average with 14 homers and 33 RBI.

# 3 Biggest Disappointment — Hanley Ramirez, SS, Marlins

Each year, it seems as though HanRam is the second best fantasy baseball player in the MLB behind a guy named Albert Pujols.  In fact, last year, we were one of the few that though Pujols was still the # 1 pick in the fantasy draft.  This year, however, Ramirez was called the #2 best fantasy player again, although some preferred Tulo.  Nevertheless, Ramirez was a clear first rounder in anybody’s fantasy baseball draft.  Ramirez spent some time on the DL, but his numbers for the year are not worthy of even a top 10 round pick–.246/8/35/14.  There is hope for HanRam, however.  Since coming off the DL, he has hit .277 and his fly ball rate has much improved which should help his power potential.  In his career, Ramirez is a late season production maching; his best months in terms of OPS have been August and September.  We do expect a big second half from Ramirez if he can remain focused on a bad Florida team.

#4 Biggest Disappointment — Carl Crawford, OF, Red Sox

When the Red Sox landed Crawford in the off-season, it was the acquisition that was going to push the Sox to being World Series champs.  While Beantown may be in the Fall Classic again this year, it won’t be because of any great contribution from Crawford.  Crawford has hit just .243 with 6 homers, 31 RBI, and 8 SB’s.  And, he’s currently on the DL and won’t be back in the lineup until July 18 when Boston takes on Baltimore.

# 5 Biggest Disappointment — Ubaldo Jimenez, Starting Pitcher, Rockies

Ubaldo Jimenez is one of the reasons many fantasy baseball experts say that you don’t pay for pitching.  That is, unless that starting pitching is the likes of Roy Halladay, CC Sabathia, or Cliff Lee — guys that have been doing it well every year for many years.  Jimenez, coming off of a 19 win year with a 2.88 ERA, 1.15 WHIP, and 214 K’s is now sitting at 3-8/4.39/1.35/87.

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