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Fantasy Baseball By the Numbers

Tulo's stats stand up; Hanley in a slide.

Today’s special post is from our good friends over at Fantasy Baseball Scholars.

At Fantasy Baseball Scholars, we put a huge emphasis on trends. Whether it’s over a couple seasons or over a couple months typically if you follow the trends you can give yourself a good idea of what to expect in the future with any particular player.

A perfect example of this is Hanley Ramirez. We have mentioned recently on our site that we’re not surprised with Hanley’s rough start and thought Tulo was the safer pick at the beginning of the season because of Hanley’s long term trends. From 2008 to 2010 Ramirez’s home runs have gone from 33-24-21 and his runs scored have gone 125-101-92. Even though it looks like those trends will continue, we never imagined Hanley would fall apart the way he has, but it’s worth mentioning that we did have Tulo over Hanley on draft day.   (Kudos to you Fantasy Baseball Scholars; we had Hanley as the top fantasy baseball shortstop.)

To help our followers with current trends we run a weekly article titled “By the Numbers” which outlines stats over the last few weeks, 30 days, or for the season thus far. Please enjoy this week’s 50 “By the Numbers” and best of luck the rest of the season to all of you. These numbers are based on stats accrued up until June 20th, 2011.

0 HR’s by Joe Mauer

1 Pitching victories by Chris Carpenter

2 Pitching victories by Luke Gregerson & Mike Adams

3 Shutouts by James Shields

4 HR’s for Hanley Ramirez, the consensus pre-season #2 overall pick

5 HR’s for Evan Longoria, a pre-season top 10 pick

6 HR’s for Michael Morse so far in June

7 HR’s for Adam Dunn, whose 3 year average is 39

8 Losses by H. Kuroda despite a 3.07 ERA

9 Times Caught Stealing by Juan Pierre

10 Stolen Bases by Juan Pierre

11 SB’s by Asdrubel Cabrera without being caught this season

12 Team triples by the St. Louis Cardinals

13 Triples by Jose Reyes

14 Triples by Dexter Fowler in 2010, the league leader

15 Quality Starts by Jason Verlander, recording 9 Wins

16 Games Started by CC Sabathia, 8 Quality Starts, recording 9 wins

17 Doubles for Phillies slugger Ryan Howard

18 Doubles by Angels infielder Maicer Izturis

19 Saves by Leo Nunez

20 Number of days Nunez went without a save since his 19th

21 Team Stolen Bases by the Chicago Cubs

22 Stolen bases by Michael Bourn since 4/22/2011

23 Runs scored by 3B Aramis Ramirez

24 Runs scored by 3B eligible Ronny Cedeno

25 Runs scored by 3B Wilson Betemit

26 Runs scored by utility man Orlando Cabrera

27 Extra Base Hits for Mark Reynolds, who has just 23 singles

28 Extra Base Hits by Albert Pujols

29 Extra Base Hits by Danny Espinosa

30 Stolen bases by Michael Bourn, the major league leader

31 Number of strikeouts for BJ Upton in his past 93 at bats

32 RBI’s for Mark Teixeira in his past 30 games

33 Runs scored for Curtis Granderson in his past 30 games

34 Multiple Hit games for Jose Reyes

35 Hits for the season for Jason Heyward

36 San Diego 1B replacements combined RBI (A.Gonzalez has 67)

37 Number of games since Dan Uggla’s average has been above the Mendoza line

38 Strikeouts for SP David Price in his past 5 starts

39 Runs scored for Ichiro, batting .277 on the season

40 SB’s Matt Kemp is on pace for this season

41 Strikeouts by Zack Greinke in his past five starts

42 Hits for Adrian Gonzalez in the month of May

43 HR Matt Kemp is on pace for – Kemp is on track for 40/40

44 Stolen bases pace for Ian Desmond

45 RBI for Albert Pujols and Ryan Ludwick

46 Walks drawn differential between Jose Bautista (62) and N. Cruz (16) the most and least for players who have 15+ Hr this season

47 Combined BB total of S.Castro, E.Andrus, & A.Jones all have hit leadoff this season

48 Combined Walks issued by Halladay, Haren, Jurrjens this season. Jonathan Sanchez has issued 53.

49 Strikeouts for Drew Stubbs in his past 30 games

50 Hits for Drew Stubbs in those same 30 games

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