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Fantasy Baseball Trading Tips

Hanley Ramirez fantasy baseball trade bait

Ramirez's stock is falling; time to buy.

It’s the time of year when teams are starting to get locked into positions at the top of the league, middle of the pack, or the cellar dwellers.  Now is the time to start making trade offers while managers still have  hope to improve their teams.

Here are some fantasy baseball trading tips to consider.

  1. TRADE WITH A TEAM AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LEAGUE — A team at the bottom of the league is more desperate whereas one at the top is going to ride things out unless he gets an offer he can’t refuse.
  2. TRADE HIGH, BUY LOW — Sounds simple, but it’s just like making an investment.  There is probably no better time to buy real estate than now, but still nobody is buying it.  Notice how everybody wants to buy stocks when the market is at an all-time high.  Look now to trade for a guy like Hanley Ramirez who is having an awful year; he will likely be de-valued by his frustrated owner.
  3. TRADE EARLY FOR QUALITY STATS; TRADE LATE FOR QUANTITY STATS — Up until the All Star Break, it’s best to trade for quality stats like ERA, WHIP, and Batting Average.  Late in the year, a trade for a strong quality guy won’t payoff as much.
  4. TRY TO MOVE UP IN CATEGORIES WHERE YOU CAN BUMP DOWN THE TEAM AHEAD OF YOU — Sounds simple right, but its like a 2 point gain if you can trade for a player who will help you both gain a point and knock the guy ahead of you down a point.  Its the NHL version of a “4 point game.”
  5. LOOK FOR PRAISE IN THE DRAFT — During the draft, inevitably some manager will say “good pick” after a selection.  This likely means that this player was who he had his eye on for the next round.  Take note of this and offer this player to the manager during the season.
  6. OFFER LOCAL PLAYER AND FAVORITE PLAYERS — In most leagues, local players are over-valued.  Managers like to have their favorite players on their fantasy teams so offer those players in a trade and you are likely to get increased value.
  7. USE THE PHONE — I know this tip is counter-intuitive to teens and 20-somethings, but you can always negotiate better in person or on the phone than on an email or text message.  Only then, can you read a person’s emotion when considering a trade.
  8. IMPROVE ANOTHER TEAM — Fantasy managers are not idiots and they won’t make a stupid deal.  You need to offer them value that will help that team.  Just don’t offer value to the team that is right behind you in the standings.
  9. GET A SECOND OPINION — If your doctor recommended you get surgery, you’d likely get a second opinion.  Use the experts.  Drop us an email and we’ll give you our advice.
  10. CHECK ON THE HEALTH OF THE PLAYER — Even minor injuries put players on the DL today.  Check all of the available injury sites and check Twitter to see if there is a recent or nagging injury that may put your player on the DL.
  11. MAKE A COUNTER OFFER — If you get a trade offer that doesn’t appeal to you, don’t just say “no thanks.”  A first offer is just that; its an interest feeler.  Make a counter-offer.
  12. YOU WILL GET MORE IN SEVERAL SMALL TRADES THAN ONE BIG ONE — Pulling off the blockbuster deal is tough.  Consider making several smaller trades instead of one big one.
  13. PLAY THE TRADE IN KEEPER LEAGUES — If you are competing for the title this year, consider trading the rights to Stephen Strasburg to the team at the bottom of the league who is already looking to next season.
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