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Send Chapman to the Minors

Aroldis Chapman has always had a wild streak in him.  But, when you can throw a 105 MPH fastball, we tend to overlook things like that.

Aroldis Chapman

Aroldis Chapman needs to be on your inactive roster.

But, when Chapman is not a closer, he has no business being on your roster.  Due to the walks, he’s never going to have a WHIP that is going to help you.  And, unless you play in a league that uses holds, there’s no reason to keep him on your active roster, despite the strikeout ratio.

Recently, things have gone from bad to worse for Chapman.  His performance today against the Cardinals is the proof in the pudding.  Over Chapman’s last 1 1/3 innings pitched, he has given up 10 earned runs on 12 walks and 1 hit by pitch.  Ugly!

For the year, in 11 innings pitched, he’s yielded just 6 hits, but 20 walks against 15 strikeouts.  That translates to a 6.92 ERA and a 2.00 WHIP.

“His arm slot gets too low,” Reds pitching coach Bryan Price told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “He gets across the ball. He’s pulling a lot of balls inside to right-handed hitters.

Fantasy Baseball Dugout Recommendation: Aroldis ChapmanPut Aroldis Chapman on your inactive roster and bring somebody else up.  Anybody.  There’s no reason to suffer through The Cuban Missile’s recent walk-a-thons.  When he starts to throw strikes again, consider bringing him up if you play in deep National League-only leagues.  And, if you own Reds’ closer Francisco Cordero, consider yourself lucky; his job is secure for the remainder of the season.

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