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Phanatic Wins Game with Walk Off Grand Slam

Phanatic's birthday

The Phanatic won the mascot wiffle ball game with a walk off grand slam.

Sunday was the Philly Phanatic’s birthday party and many of his mascot friends showed up to celebrate this special day. 

They played a Wiffle ball game before the real game and the Phanatic plunked his mother, Phoebe, in the head with a pitch. The Oriole Bird was not pleased with this development and charged the mound.

A Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpet mascot played shortstop and made a crucial error to decide the game that resulted in a walk off grand slam for the Phanatic to win the game.  After the wiffle ball game, everyone, including the San Diego Friar and the Pirate Parrot, danced to music by Soulja Boy.  It appeared to be a disorganized mess as you can see from the video below.  (Editor’s Note — I have better seats than this as you’d expect from a prominent blogger.)

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