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Fantasy Baseball Dugout Offers to Pay Mike Leake’s Fine

Reds Pitcher Leake Steals T-Shirts Not Bases

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mike Leake was arrested on Monday for stealing t-shirts from the downtown Macy’s in Cincy.  Allegedly, Leake removed the price tags and walked out with the American Rag rags.

Mike Leake

Mug Shot Leaked: What do Mike Leake and Wynona Ryder have in common?

The t-shirts were valued at $59.88.  On Friday, Leake, who earns close to the Major League minimum of $450,000, received a paycheck for about $40k so it’s easy to understand why he couldn’t afford to pay for the t-shirts, especially after receiving a $1.9 million signing bonus in 2009.  I guess after Lenny Dykstra tried to walk out of his ex-home with a $50,000 sink (that didn’t “leak”), Leake figured the MLB Police wouldn’t bother with his snitching of a few raggy t-shirts.

Leake’s arraignment scheduled for today was moved to May 18.  His lawyer reported today that Leake will seek to have Leake entered into a diversion program.  If accepted into the program, Leake would pay a $200 fee, likely perform volunteer work and take a class, and face other requirements including admitting guilt. Completion could result in his record being wiped clean.

Leake was the Reds’ first-round draft pick in 2009, the eighth selection overall. He made his debut with the Reds last season, becoming just the 21st player since the draft was instituted in 1965 to make the majors without playing a single game in the minor leagues.Leake went 8-4 with a 4.23 ERA last season. He’s 2-0 with a 5.40 ERA in three starts this season.  It is not known whether manager Dusty Baker will give Leake the ball in his scheduled start on Thursday versus the Diamondbacks.

FBD Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is

Which brings us to a problem.  Those of us who have Mike Leake on their fantasy baseball rosters want him to make his start on Thursday against the Snakes.  Why should we law abiding citizens who play fantasy baseball be punished by a dopey shoplifting charge from a 23-year-old with a penchant for American Rag t-shirts?

That’s why Fantasy Baseball Dugout has stepped up to the plate and offered to pay Mike Leake’s fine.  We will even help Leake out of his community service and pay for the labor to pick up trash around the Great American Ballpark and we will scrub the sidewalks with soapy water in front of the Cincinnati Macy’s.

What do we want in return from Mike Leake and manager Dusty Baker?  We want Dusty to give the ball to Leake on Thursday in his scheduled start so that Leake’s idiot move won’t have an impact on innocent law-abiding fantasy baseball managers.  Second, we want Mike Leake to appear in the post-game press conference wearing a Fantasy Baseball Dugout t-shirt (valued at less than $59.88) which we will provide at no cost to Leake.

To order your American Rag t-shirts from Macy’s, click here.

No word from the founders of fantasy baseball on whether or not “stolen t-shirts” will be a category in the 2012 fantasy baseball game.

Dear Mike Leake, Dusty Baker, and the Cincinnati Reds:  Please contact us at if you wish to take advantage of our generous offer. 

  — BallparkBob

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