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2011 FBD Experts League Auction Draft Recap

Last night, Fantasy Baseball Dugout hosted the official draft of their 2011 Experts League via ESPN’s League Manager. The league consists of 10 teams in a head to head, “most categories wins the week” format with a complete MLB player universe.

The draft format was a fantasy baseball auction draft. Participants in the 2011 Experts League include:

  • Bob Bentz and Jonathan Bentz of Fantasy Baseball Dugout
  • Jeff Barton of
  • David Bentz of College Fantasy
  • Kerel Cooper of
  • Bryan Curley of
  • Zac Fluewelling of Fantazzle Fantasy Sports
  • Alan Harrison of
  • Mike Schenk of Spadora On Sports
  • Matt Seybold of The Sporting Hippeaux

See below for full team draft results. Players are sorted by team, followed by draft pick number. Dollar values for each player during the draft are also included.

Who was the steal of the draft? Who was the most overpriced player of the draft? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. A full recap and draft analysis is forthcoming. Check out a PDF of the draft results after the jump.

2011 Fantasy Baseball Auction Draft: Experts Draft Recap

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