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2011 FBD Experts Auction Draft Insights

Considering the fact that they play on two of the biggest rival teams in Major League Baseball, it’s rare that Mets third baseman David Wright and Phillies second baseman Chase Utley end up mentioned in the same article. After the culmination of Fantasy Baseball Dugout’s first annual experts draft, Wright and Utley share distinctions at the opposite end of the fantasy baseball spectrum: most overpaid player drafted and best value draft pick.

In FBD’s experts draft, there was a lot of money thrown around early in the 10-team auction format that lasted over three hours. In spite of the free wheeling and spending on elite players, every team managed to leave money on the table when the draft was completed.

The most carefree spender of the draft was’s Kerel Cooper. Like his favorite team and primary topic of his daily video blog, the New York Mets, Cooper spared no expense in acquiring his home town talent.

“I’m a sucker for my Mets,” Cooper said via chat this afternoon. “In typical Mets fashion, I overpaid and outbid myself for my roster.”

Mets hot corner Wright has the distinction of being FBD’s most overpriced player for 2011. Cooper got in an on-going bidding war with another league member, driving Wright’s price well past his average auction value (AAV) of $30. In the FBD auction, Wright was sold to Cooper for $45. That price was $4 higher than Albert Pujols and $2 higher than Hanley Ramirez – the first two players auctioned off the board.

Pujols, Ramirez, and Wright were three of only four players who were auctioned for more than $40 in Monday night’s draft. Cooper also ponied up $45 for Boston Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford.

Two players won – over 30% of his budget spent. Sounds an awful lot like one Amazin’ team I know of in NYC.

On the flip side of things, injury status greatly affected the value of Phillies second baseman Chase Utley, allowing him to be the draft’s biggest value. Utley owner Zac Fluewelling of Fantazzle Fantasy Sports might be taking a risk due to his injury status, but anytime a fantasy owner can get a no. 1 hitter for $8 below his AAV, it’s hard to pass up. When he’s 100-percent healthy some time this season, Team Fantazzle will have the best hitting second baseman at a fraction of his average auction rate. Nice work.

See below for some other facts and stats from our 2011 Auction Draft:

  • Player breakdown
    • No. of $40 and up players: 4
    • No. of $30-39: 12
    • $20 – 29: 20
    • $10-19: 56
    • $9 or less: 158
  • Financial statistics:
    • Total league money available: $2600 (or $260 per team)
    • Total league money spent: $2562
    • Average spend per team: $256.20
    • Average money left over: $43.80
  • Most expensive players drafted, by position:
    • Catcher: Joe Mauer
    • First Base: Albert Pujols
    • Second Base: Robinson Cano
    • Third Base: David Wright
    • Shortstop: Hanley Ramirez
    • Outfield: Carl Crawford
    • Starting Pitcher: Roy Halladay
    • Relief Pitcher: Brian Wilson
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