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Fantasy Baseball Draft Software Review: Roto Champ

The biggest day of the year is almost here…draft day. Today we are going to review a product that could give you a big edge on the day of your draft, Roto Champ Draft Software. Roto Champ is a draft preparation and in-draft tool that is new in 2011. We were eager to try it and were not disappointed.

Our first concerns with any draft day tool is how easy it is to setup based on your league settings/rules. Roto Champ has over 40 scoring categories to choose from and allows you to pick which MLB teams are represented for your player pool (AL, NL, Mix, and custom). You have an 8×8 NL-only league with 6 Ofs? Probably not, but the software could handle it. It allows you to pick the number of positions and reserve spots and includes specialty positions like MI, CI, Utility, etc. In addition, it handles any number of managers and gives you 3 different projection systems (RotoChamp, CAIRO, and the Fantasy411 composite). We were able to setup 3 different leagues with different sets of rules and Roto Champ handled it with ease. The flexibility of the software is very impressive. Whether you are in a roto or points league, auction or draft, Roto Champ will handle your configuration. And, it handles unlimited leagues so the power users can setup different configurations for each one.

After setting up the league we were taken to the player projection screen which is a grid showing all the player projections. The grid was easy to sort/filter and had many columns to choose from. Say you want to see the projections for all the outfielders in your league, just one click and there it is. If you click on a player it will show a profile of the player at the top of the screen, which displays his projections from the 3 different systems as well as 5-year stats and other useful information. This screen was so powerful and rich with information it was addicting. Finding a player was easy and fast, which is so important when you are in the middle of your draft or auction.

Roto Champ is very intuitive and moving around the software is easy and logical. The Position Rankings screen is nearly as powerful as the player projections. In this screen we see the overall rankings and tiers for each position, using their own metric, Strength Index. We did a couple of mock drafts using Strength Index as a guide and simply dominated. The screen also allows you to sort by any main category so that you can easily find the player that meets your needs, which can be viewed in the Manager QuickView screen. This screen shows how you are progressing to your draft day targets as you are drafting, so you always know what type of player to target.

While the player projections, position rankings, and quick view screens are great during your draft the software also has some other nice screens. There is a screen showing a grid of the rosters of each manager. Another screen shows the projected standings, which is updated while you draft. The team summary screen shows the projections of each player you drafted and your team totals and can be filtered by any manager. The lineup/depth chart screen shows the projected lineups/rotations of all MLB teams.

One of the great things about Roto Champ is that they update their projections daily during spring training so you are always up to date. Overall, Roto Champ is a very impressive piece of software and something we will be using in all of our drafts/auctions this year. It’s listed at $34.95, but they are currently running a special for $24.95, which is money well spent on the biggest day of the year.

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