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7 Tips For Fantasy Baseball Beginners

By Jason Gove, guest contributor to Fantasy Baseball Dugout

Fantasy baseball has been a big part of my life over the past few years. I have won and lost my fair share of fantasy baseball leagues. In my experience I have learned quite a few things about fantasy baseball that I would like to share. I have compiled seven tips that will prove beneficial to any sports fan new to the fantasy baseball world.

  1. Be prepared. You will need to put some serious time into knowing the players and draft trends. Fantasy baseball leagues are more often than not won and lost during the draft. The draft sets up your roster for the entire season. You can never be over prepared for the draft in my opinion.
  2. Draft the best player available. When it comes time to make your pick don’t let favoritism come into play. You have to choose the best players not your favorite players. I have found this to be tough to do even after all these years. But in order to build a successful team bias needs to be left at the door.
  3. Draft closers. In most fantasy baseball leagues saves is an out-weighed category. This fact alone should tell you to always draft a top of the line closer if you have the opportunity. By drafting a top closer you will easily win this category week after week.
  4. Stay away from drafting players based on potential. When it comes to drafting hyped players stay away. Always draft established players. This way you can feel confident in your team’s probable performance prior to opening day.
  5. Spring training statistics are not consistent over the season stretch. Often times a player will get hot while playing in pre-season exhibition games. These players may seem like someone to draft for your team but they aren’t. Drafting like this will be the death of your team. Stick to what works and that’s drafting those with experience.
  6. Use league rules to your advantage. One rule very common in beginner leagues is unlimited roster moves. This rule enables you to add/drop and trade players whenever you want without restriction. What could be better? Keep your eyes on players getting better as the season progresses and pick add them to your roster at the right time.
  7. Be an active owner. The teams’ that usually win in fantasy leagues have the most active owners. These owners are sending messages to other owners, constantly doing player research, listening to baseball experts, watching MLB games every day, and always looking to make their team better whether it be through free agency or trades. In fantasy baseball you cannot afford to be afraid to make risky moves. In the end the move may or may not pay off but no matter what you will learn something for playing in the future.

If you’re looking for a leg up on your fantasy baseball competition then use these seven tips. I guarantee you will go into your fantasy draft feeling confident and ready to dominate your league. Hope you find these tips helpful. Good luck and have fun!

Jason Gove – Nichols College Sport Management

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