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13 Tips for Finding the Best Fantasy Baseball League

  1. Look for a league where most of the managers come back year after year.

    Robinson Cano: legit first rounder

  2. Find a league where managers have incentive to remain interested despite where they are in the standings.  Prizes for more than just the top team might do this.
  3. A league that charges an entry fee will retain interest, but if the fee is too big, managers can get overly testy.
  4. Try to play in a local league.  Sure, you can play in an online league, but if you don’t know the other managers, you take out one of the best elements of a fantasy baseball league: bragging rights.
  5. Perhaps most important, play with people you like to spend time with or at least don’t annoy the heck out of you.
  6. Find a league with well written printed rules.
  7. Play in a league with a strong commissioner.
  8. A league with at least 10 teams is best.
  9. Don’t play in a league where all the teams look like all-star teams.  Such a league doesn’t emulate being a real baseball team general manager.  A 10 team league, for example, should choose players from just the American or National League rather than a mixed league.  Everybody knows the star players; it’s getting to know the bench players that will increase your knowledge of the game.
  10. Know the rules of the league.  If you don’t want to check in on your team every day, for instance, play in a league that only allows weekly roster moves.
  11. An auction league is intimidating, but its more fun in the long run.  Don’t be afraid of the extra work to play in an auction format.
  12. Play in a league that gives a trophy to the champion.
  13. Don’t ever play in a league where a participating manager goes to a Major League game and yells to a player: “Hey, you’re on my fantasy team.”  He doesn’t care.
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