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Watch Every Baseball Game Anywhere

Watch 6 games simultaneously with

Watch 6 games simultaneously with

One thing that a fantasy baseball fan can’t get enough of is information.  And, we’ve already told you that one of the most important things you can do is watch the games.  That’s why we play fantasy baseball–to enjoy the game itself more.

So, if you can’t get enough baseball, then you need

With, you can watch every game in HD quality.  It’s the very best picture that your viewing device can support.  And, we mean every device: iPad; iPhone; Android; PC; Mac; Sony Playstation.

Like the MLB At Bat 2011 app?  If you have it along with, you can watch every game on your cell phone. allows you to re-watch any part of a game through its instant replay feature.  You can get live scores of all games and watch local broadcasts no matter where you are.  There are in-game highlights and stats for all games.

If you have ADD, you can put the screen in quad mode with a simple drop and drag feature that enables you to watch 4 games simultaneously  See if you can see 2 or more major leaguers scratching at the same time.

Fantasy baseball managers will love the player tracker feature.  With it, will notify you whenever a player on your fantasy baseball team is on deck.

Missed a game from April?  No problem. keeps a full archive of every game in the season!

Fantasy baseball fans will also being able to watch over 150 Spring Training games.  What a great way to scout for your 2011 Fantasy Baseball League draft. doesn’t come cheap at $99.95 for the season and $119.95 for the premium edition, but if you use it enough, it just may help you win your 2011 fantasy baseball league.

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