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2011 Fantasy Baseball Games Review: Fantazzle

With pitchers and catchers getting set to report to spring training it is time for the fantasy baseball rumblings to begin. At Fantazzle Fantasy Sports we are currently putting together our plan of attack for the 2011 fantasy baseball season. While we are always looking for new ways to set our games apart from the rest of the industry we know that we should also keep improving on what we already have.

Daily and weekly fantasy games will always be our bread and butter and we will add some twists to these games for the 2011 season. Our Daily and Weekly Fantasy Baseball Challenge is a game that is played every single week and every day there are at least three MLB games scheduled. In our challenge format contestants must pick 1 Catcher, 1 First baseman, 1 Second baseman, 1 Third baseman, 1 Shortstop, and 3 Outfielders to fulfill their lineup.

This season we look forward to introducing our Salary Cap Fantasy Baseball games where players must choose the same roster requirements as our challenge game, but they must stay under the $1 million fantasy budge. This game adds more skill as players must decide whether to get the stud first baseman or three solid outfielders; there are a number of options. Also, in 2010 Fantazzle introduced our new Limited and Unlimited Fantasy Sports Contests. We have some big plans for these contests when the new fantasy baseball season starts and we look forward to bringing them to our members. Fantazzle’s fantasy baseball scoring system is simple and unique at the same time. We take into consideration the usual stats including: single (1 point), double (2 points), triple (3 points), homerun (4 points), walk (1 point), run (2 points), runs batted in (2 points), and stolen base (2 points). Simply accumulate the most points in your league and you win, as easy as that.

Some of you may be familiar with our Fantasy Football Pick’em game which gives a choice between two quarterbacks. The contestants must choose which one will score the most fantasy points base upon our fantasy football scoring system. Since we received some nice participation for this game we are looking into implementing a similar game for our fantasy baseball contests. This is something that is still in development mode as we look to work out all the kinks come opening day.

For those fans out there who prefer the commitment of a season-long game we will also have something to cater to your needs as well. Season Long Fantasy Baseball games are going to be another addition to our regime for the 2011 fantasy baseball season. While many leagues leave you only with the team you drafted at the beginning of the season (leaving a bad taste in your mouth when your ace falls to Tommy John surgery), we leave that up to the user! Fantazzle’s season-long fantasy baseball games will allow users to pick who you want when you want! With each new week a player can submit a new lineup based upon the schedule of the next seven days.

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