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Those Were the Days: LA to Wear Brooklyn Throwbacks

The Brooklyn Dodgers are back.  At least their uniforms will be back in the 2011 season.

The Los Angeles Dodgers will be wearing throwback Brooklyn Dodgers uniforms during six home dates this season.  Fans will be able to vote for the uniforms that they want the Bums to wear.  The Dodgers will debut the uniform as selected by their fans for the first time on Thursday, April 21 when they take on Atlanta.

I voted for the ugliest one of them all from 1911.  I figure it will distract the Braves enough to give the Dodgers a win that day.  No word from the web site as to the results of the current voting.

What's your vote? Brooklyn Dodgers Uniforms from 1911, 1931, and 1940.

Just 6,102 fans saw the last game at Ebbetts Field on September 24, 1957 before the Dodgers left for a new stadium in Los Angeles.  Take a look at that final out at Ebbetts Field.


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