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2011 Fantasy Baseball Toss Up: David Wright VS Ryan Zimmerman

david wright ryan zimmerman fantasy baseball

By Michael Keneski, Fantasy Baseball Dugout contributor

It is now time for another installment of the 2011 Fantasy Baseball Toss Up where we look at two seemingly evenly matched players at a position and determine who would be the better player to select on draft day. Today we head over to third base where we will look at David Wright and Ryan Zimmerman who many (including myself) have ranked as the second and third best 3B in fantasy baseball in varying order. With the clock winding down on your pick, who should you take? As always lets look at this from all five ROTO categories.

Average: Wright is a career.303 hitter while Zimmerman checks in at.288. Zim had the better 2010 season with average though as he hit.307 to Wright’s.283. Despite Wright having the better career numbers, Zimmerman has the better shot to hit.300 this season due to the fact Wright has seen a major increase in strikeouts the last two seasons as he topped out at an absurd 161 last season. Zimmerman meanwhile only had 98 and so the more disciplined contact hitter gets the nod.

Advantage: Ryan Zimmerman

Runs: Wright has failed to crack 90 runs the last two season and the Mets lineup doesn’t look like it will help him much in that regard this season. Zimmerman meanwhile had 110 in 2009 and would have cleared 100 again last season if he didn’t miss games with injury.

Advantage: Ryan Zimmerman

Home Runs: Wright outhomered Zimmerman by four last season with more than 50 additional at-bats but he calls Citi Field home which is one of the 3 or 4 toughest places to hit a home run in. Zimmerman meanwhile slugged 33 in a full 2009 season but fell to 25 last season due to a DL stint. Both guys can easily fall into the 25-30 range so its too close to determine a winner.

Advantage: EVEN

Stolen Bases: This is an easy one as Wright is the clear winner here with 27 and 19 steal seasons the last two seasons. Zimmerman failed to get more than four in each of the last two seasons and this is one part of his game that wont help you at all really.

Advantage: David Wright

RBI: Wright has had some big RBI seasons with 124 in 2008 and 103 last season. Zimmerman is no slouch with 106 two seasons ago but he dropped down to 85 last season. Wright is likely to hit cleanup this season while Zimmerman will bat third so he has the better chance to hit with more men on base. Both offenses are mediocre so no advantage there.

Advantage: David Wright

INTANGIBLES: The other aspect you have to look at here is the fact that other than getting beaned in the head in 2009, David Wright has been very durable as a player while Ryan Zimmerman has had lengthy DL stints two of the last three seasons. Durability counts big time in my book and so Wright gets the nod here.

Advantage: David Wright

RESULT: David Wright is the correct choice here as his ability to go 20/20 at third base is huge and he might even be able to go 30/20 which is even more appealing. You cant go wrong with Zimmerman for sure and he will go right after Wright in drafts, but the injury threat is what tips the scales in Wright’s favor in this argument.

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