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Jocelyn Pierce: Sports Broadcaster

Broadcasters Antonio and Jocelyn Pierce

Broadcasters Antonio and Jocelyn Pierce

You all know about our Baseball’s Hottest Wives feature on Fantasy Baseball Dugout, but did you know that our sister publication, Fantasy Football Sideline held its first ever Football’s Hottest Wives contest in 2010? 

While the winner was ex-Falcons cheerleader Laurie Schaub, there was one woman who got a slew of write-in votes.  Now, we don’t normally miss out on hot wives like this so we thought we’d check her out.

Jocelyn Pierce, wife of ex-Giants (that’s New York Giants) linebacker and now ESPN analyst Antonio Pierce, received enough write-in votes to finish ahead of two of the on-ballot contestants.  Unfortunately, due to strict rules regarding eligibility, Pierce’s votes were nullified due to her husband not being part of an active NFL roster.

So, why isn’t this article about Jocelyn Pierce on our football sites?  Well, it’s because Jocelyn Pierce is the former host of Mets Weekly and Angels Weekly.  So, you can see: this story also has a baseball bent to it.

Take a look at Jocelyn Pierce on Angels Weekly.

You can also follow Jocelyn Pierce on Twitter. Perhaps, you’ll get some inside information about the Angels from Jocelyn that will help you win your 2011 Fantasy Baseball League.

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