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Laurie Schaub Wins Football’s Hottest Wife Award

Seven million more Americans play it than play golf.  It’s a game played by 29.9 million Americans each year and it’s continuing to grow.  It has an economic impact of $4 billion per year.

It is fantasy sports. Primarily, fantasy football and fantasy baseball.

Laurie Schaub: Football's Hottest Wife

Fantasy sports are the category of choice for internet marketing company Olympic Internet of suburban Philadelphia.  The staff of Olympic Internet provides inside information on fantasy football, college fantasy football, and fantasy baseball.  It’s flagship site, Fantasy Baseball Dugout, has attracted more than 13,600 unique visitors per day.

Bob and Jonathan Bentz, an uncle and nephew team, have turned a successful fantasy sports hobby into a even more successful business that includes several web sites and even a radio talk show.  The tandem can be heard every weekend on Spadora on Sports–a sports talk show that airs in nine markets, including 1510 The Zone in Boston.  In fact, the segment has become so popular that online dating site has recently agreed to sponsor the segment.

“Fantasy sports is increasingly popular,” said Pete Spadora, host of Spadora on Sports.  “Our listeners like the timely fantasy player tips segment given by the Bentz’s each weekend.”

Fantasy Baseball Dugout, and its football counterparts, Fantasy Football Sideline and College Fantasy Coach, offers statistical analysis, but also contains feature articles.

“We like to give fantasy sports tips,” said Bob Bentz who is a long-time baseball coach and successful entrepreneur in addition to playing fantasy sports.  “But, we believe that, in the end, fantasy sports is about enjoying the game itself more, so we give feature information about the players as well.”

Its most popular segment is its Baseball’s Hottest Wives and Football’s Hottest Wives feature.  Last season, over 70,000 fans voted for Baseball’s Hottest Wives online and via text message voting.  This year, for the first time, it also sponsored Football’s Hottest Wives.  The inaugural winner of Football’s Hottest Wives was Laurie Schaub, wife of Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub.

“It was Baseball’s Hottest Wives that really helped garner a significant audience for us,” said Jonathan Bentz whose day job is as an internet search engine optimization specialist.  “Many fantasy sports fans visited us because of Baseball’s Hottest Wives, but are now staying for our fantasy sports tips and information.”

According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, 22% of men 18-49 participate in fantasy sports.  That makes for a significant potential audience.

Asked what single most important piece of advice that he would give to fantasy players, the Uncle, Bob Bentz, replied.

“Never, ever, go to a baseball game and tell a player that he’s on your fantasy baseball team,” said Bob Bentz.  “He doesn’t care.”

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