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Need A Gift For A Yankee? Check Out “Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories”

Editor’s Note: In September, your friend BeeZee at Fantasy Baseball Dugout was contacted about this great book by Alex Belth of Bronx Banter. I received an early copy, checked it out… and didn’t ever sit down and properly review it like a good blogger should. Shame on me. Anyway, since we clearly owe them a favor for not putting something together the first time, here’s some info on this solid book filled with anecdotes and testimonies about the house that Ruth built – “Old” Yankee Stadium. If you have a Yankee diehard on your Christmas list who misses the old stadium, this book could really be a great last minute gift.

Buy Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories at

From the press release:
At Yankee games, the fans applaud in unison as their heroes circle the bases. The cheers may sound the same, but the memories, feelings, and connections that each person in that big ballpark in the Bronx develops are entirely different. Just in time for the 2010 baseball postseason, it’s time to join some of the most well-known voices in sports and entertainment today to reminisce about the personal memories that make our favorite stadium special to us.

In Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories, Bronx Banter editor Alex Belth has compiled over forty touching, and sometimes hilarious, essays by renowned writers and commentators about the experiences that have made America’s most famous stadium special to them. Contributors include:

  • Rob Neyer, baseball columnist for (and fan of our 50 Best Baseball Movies list)
  • Ed Alstrom, organist at Yankee Stadium
  • Jane Leavy, bestselling sports biographer
  • Richard Ben Cramer, Pulitzer Prize winning writer for the Baltimore Sun
  • Tom Boswell, sportswriter for the Washington Post
  • Bob Costas of the MLB Network
  • Tyler Kepner, sportswriter for the New York Times
  • Scott Raab, writer at large at Esquire
  • Tony Kornheiser of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption
  • Ed Randall of WFAN radio

And many, many, many more!

Whether it’s the first time you spilled mustard on your shirt in excitement over a Reggie Jackson home run, or the time you booed Carl Yastrzemski and the Red Sox so loudly that you couldn’t speak for weeks, the three incarnations of Yankee Stadium are filled – not only with bleachers and vendors – but with memories of the people who practically lived there during baseball season. Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories takes the lead in prompting baseball fans everywhere to share those memories to bond over their shared experiences.

Including a special section dedicated to the new Yankee Stadium as the foundation of new memories that will be built there, and an amusing foreword by Yankee legend Yogi Berra, this is a book that no Yankee fan, and no true baseball fan, should ever be without!

Buy Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories at

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