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BallparkBob’s Top 100 Sports Movies

Based on the phenomenal success of BallparkBob’s Top 50 Baseball Movies, which was picked up by ESPN and NESN to name a few, BallparkBob introduces BallparkBob’s Top 100 Sports Movies of all-time.

What makes for a good sports movie?

A movie with a memorable line that people still quote today is an important criteria.  “Yo, Adrian!”

Then, there’s the movie that puts a lump in the throat of even the toughest of guys.  It’s the lump in the throat of a man that only could occur in a sports flick.  Think Brian’s Song, Field of Dreams, or Rudy.

As for sequels, I look for the entire series as a whole.  So, no points off for Rocky V.

I do have preferences.  I love all sports, but I really love baseball.  I am also partial to color so some of the older flicks just don’t do it for me as much as if they were in color.  And, I believe that cheerleading is a sport if its competitive cheerleading.

Finally, bring on the heat for my too high ranking of Summer Heat.  I know.  Its a chick flick with a baseball sub-plot, but I like that it shows a different element of baseball with the Cape Cod League.  Watch the video at the bottom of the page and see if you don’t agree with me that this is a highly underrated film.

BallparkBobs Top Movie # 42

BallparkBob's Top Movie # 42

  1. Hoosiers (Basketball)
  2. Field of Dreams (Baseball)
  3. Bull Durham (Baseball)
  4. A League of Their Own (Baseball)
  5. The Natural (Baseball)
  6. Rocky (Boxing)
  7. Brian’s Song (Football)
  8. Rudy (Football)
  9. Chariots of Fire (Track and Field)
  10. Remember the Titans (Football)
  11. The Wrestler (Professional Wrestling)
  12. Heaven Can Wait (Football)
  13. Raging Bull (Boxing)
  14. Bad News Bears (Baseball)
  15. Slap Shot (Hockey)
  16. Caddyshack (Golf)
  17. Major League (Baseball)
  18. Miracle (Hockey)
  19. All the Right Moves (Football)
  20. Invictus (Rugby)
  21. We are Marshall (Football)
  22. Knute Rockne: All American (Football)
  23. Summer Catch (Baseball)
  24. Eight Men Out (Baseball)
  25. The Blind Side (Football)
  26. The Rookie (Baseball)
  27. For the Love of the Game (Baseball)
  28. The Babe (Baseball)
  29. The Longest Yard (Football)
  30. Baseball: A Film by KenBurns (Baseball)
  31. 61 (Baseball)
  32. Cobb (Baseball)
  33. The Express (Football)
  34. Glory Road (Basketball)
  35. Life and Times of Hank Greenberg (Baseball)
  36. Invincible (Football)
  37. The Sandlot (Baseball)
  38. Jim Thorpe-All American (Football)
  39. Youngblood (Hockey)
  40. The Hustler (Billiards)
  41. Fever Pitch (Baseball)
  42. Bang the Drum Slowly (Baseball)
  43. Cool Runnings (Bobsledding)
  44. Hoop Dreams (Basketball)
  45. Hustle (Baseball)
  46. Happy Gilmore (Golf)
  47. Angels in the Outfield (Baseball)
  48. The Pride of the Yankees (Baseball)
  49. The Greatest Game Ever Played (Golf)
  50. Victory (Soccer)
  51. Bring it On (Cheerleading)
  52. The Hurricane (Boxing)
  53. National Velvet (Horse Racing)
  54. Friday Night Lights (Football)
  55. The Cincinnati Kid (Poker)
  56. Semi-Tough (Football)
  57. Requiem for a Heavyweight (Boxing)
  58. Pumping Iron (Bodybuilding)
  59. Gladiator (Aincient Sport)
  60. When We Were Kings (Boxing)
  61. Jerry McGuire (Football)
  62. North Dallas Forty (Football)
  63. Million Dollar Baby (Boxing)
  64. Seabiscuit (Horse Racing)
  65. Mighty Ducks (Hockey)
  66. Bend it Like Beckham (Soccer)
  67. Cinderella Man (Boxing)
  68. The Karate Kid (Karate)
  69. Without Limits (Track and Field)
  70. Leatherheads (Football)
  71. Murderball (Wheelchair Athletics)
  72. He Got Game (Basketball)
  73. Rollerball (Futuristic Sport)
  74. Blue Chips (Basketball)
  75. Ali (Boxing)
  76. Rounders (Poker)
  77. Secretariat (Horse Racing)
  78. White Men Can’t Jump (Basketball)
  79. Mystery, Alaska (Hockey)
  80. Varsity Blues (Football)
  81. Tin Cup (Golf)
  82. Enter the Dragon (Martial Arts)
  83. The Legend of Bagger Vance (Golf)
  84. Searching for Bobby Fischer (Chess)
  85. Kansas City Bombers (Roller Derby)
  86. When it Was a Game (Baseball)
  87. Horse Feathers (Football)
  88. The Color of Money (Billiards)
  89. Grand Prix (Auto Racing)
  90. Little Giants (Football)
  91. The Waterboy (Football)
  92. Prefontaine (Track and Field)
  93. The Program (Football)
  94. Days of Thunder (Auto Racing)
  95. Best in Show (Dog Shows)
  96. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (Dodgeball)
  97. Dare to Dream: The Story of the US Women’s Soccer Team (Soccer)
  98. Wimbledon (Tennis)
  99. Spacejam (Basketball)
  100. Debbie Does Dallas (Cheerleading)


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