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Why Jose Bautista Deserves Your Respect

Toronto Blue Jays Jose Bautista hits his 50th home run of the season in his first at bat in their American League MLB baseball game against the Seattle Mariners in Toronto September 23, 2010. REUTERS/Fred Thornhill (CANADA - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

As of September 30th 2010, Jose Bautista currently had 52 home runs. His career high prior to 2010 was 16 in 2006 with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Bautista this season has also struck out and walked a career high 111 and 99 times respectively, but that has to be assumed when a guy hits 36 more home runs than he has ever hit in his career. For a guy who has played for 6 different teams, Jose Bautista has sure found a home in the “home-run” friendly Rogers Centre.

The last players to hit 50 home runs in a season were Alex Rodriguez and Prince Fielder in 2007 with 54 and 50 jacks respectively. In the history of baseball, there has only been 41 different seasons of 50+ homeruns by an individual and only 18 of those 41 have a season of 55+ homeruns. The key statistic everyone needs to zero in one is that 23 of those 41 seasons have come since the strike in 1994.

Side Note: How unbelievably crazy would it be if Major League Baseball either:

  • Juiced balls or
  • Juiced players to hit home runs and bring the “fan” back to the game after the strike in 1994.

The definition of a coincidence: occurring when something uncanny, accidental and unexpected happens. A coincidence is not the league leader hitting an average of 66.8 home runs a season from 1998-2001 and no person in the past 120 years of baseball hitting 60 but twice (Maris and Ruth).

In the home run age we are living in, Jose Bautista needs to be praised for his effort this season. With the way pitchers are going, hitting 50 home runs may not be a part of baseball for long. Barry Bonds never hit 50 home runs in a season except for the year he went for 73 and Bonds hit 40-49 homeruns seven times in his career. That being said, please respect the type of season Jose Bautista has delivered the fans this year because it may be few and far between.

Blog post composed by Evan Abrams, a frequent contributor to Fantasy Baseball Dugout and other fantasy sports websites.

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