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Japanese Hot Wife Wins at Wire

Saeko Darvish: Baseballs Hottest Wife 2010

Saeko Darvish: Baseball's Hottest Wife 2010


On the final day of voting, Japanese baseball fans crushed the ballot boxes to vote for their native baseball hot wife.  The result was a stunning come from behind victory by Saeko Darvish in the 3rd Annual Baseball’s Hottest Wives contest.

Japanese baseball fans have long been accused on stuffing the MLB ballot boxes for Ichiro Suzuki and apparently winning the Baseball’s Hottest Wives contest is equally important to in the Land of the Rising Sun.  Thanks to an international push on the  final day of voting from Japanese web sites, Seako Darvish rose from 8th place just three weeks ago to winning the title.  With five days to go, Darvish was not in the top five and on the final day, we announced that it was a two mare race with Emily Greinke closing in on leader Lisa Podsednik.

Fantasy Baseball Dugout reported that it received the second most hits in its history on September 8 with the onslaught of Japanese visitors prepared to stuff the ballot boxes for the cute 94.6 pound actress.

“They play fantasy baseball in Japan,” said Bob Bentz, publisher of Fantasy Baseball Dugout.  “Maybe we should start covering Japanese fantasy baseball as well!”

Baseballs Hottest Wife 2010

Baseball's Hottest Wife 2010

Saeko Darvish (DARUBISSHU Saeko) is a Japanese actress. She was born Saeko Dokyu (DOKYU Saeko) on November 16, 1986 in Miyazaki City. She is a graduate of Horikoshi High School.

Darvish formerly went by the stage name Saeko, but took the surname of Nippon Ham Fighters pitcher Yu Darvish after marrying him in November of 2007.

The Japanese press had a lot of interesting stories to write about in 2007 when the two young celebrities met.  When it was revealed that the two were dating, it was also immediately revealed that Saeko was 3 months pregnant–kind of a shotgun wedding, Japanese style.  The two got legally married in November 11, 2007 then had their formal wedding in Hawaii in January 2008.    The two chose the 11/11 date, because 11 happens to be husband Yu’s number, according to the Saeko Darvish blog.  Saeko and Yu Darvish had a son born on March 24, 2008.

Yu Darvish could look good in Hollywood or Dodger blue.

Yu Darvish could look good in Hollywood or Dodger blue.

Pitcher Yu Darvish, 24, is one of the best pitchers in Japanese baseball and his Iranian-Japanese heritage gives him his movie star looks.  He was scouted by major league teams as early as junior high school.  The Angels, Dodgers, and Mets all wanted to sign him in 2004, but Darvish remained true to his desire to play Japanese baseball.  In fact, Darvish was on the mound in the final inning against South Korea in 2009 at the World Baseball Championships when Japan won its second consecutive title.

Darvish throws an array of quality pitches for the Ham Fighters.  At 6′ 5″, he has an imposing presence on the mound.  His fastball tops out at 97 MPH, but normally sits in the 94 area.  He has a vicious slider with bite.  He also throws a two-seam fastball, cutter, splitter, changeup, and screwball.  Due to strain on his wrist, however, he has all but discontinued use of the screwgie.

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