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It’s Over

HAZARD: Tigers divorce final

HAZARD: Tiger's divorce final

It’s over.

Tiger and Elin are officially divorced.

In January, we had our readers vote on whom was the fairest femme of them all and you voted Elin as Tiger’s Hottest.  In March, we wrote how Tiger would not win The MastersFBD reader Mountain Jack didn’t like the article and said so in the comments.  But, we were right.  Tiger didn’t win The Masters and he hasn’t even come close to winning anything else.

While we certainly are not commending any of Tiger Woods actions with the multitude of women, there is one area where we have to give him some props.  Of the 18+ women that are known to have liased with the golfer, none were married.  That’s right, Tiger Woods did not violate the unofficial rule between gentlemen that prohibits messing with another man’s wife.  Surely, Woods had opportunities with both single and married women; it was his sexting messages with single women that did him in.

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