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Phillies Puke Man Sentenced

by BallparkBob

Matthew Clemmens, the 21-year-old Phillies fan who intentionally vomited on another fan has been ordered by Judge Kevin Dougherty to serve up to three months in jail, perform community service, and pay the family he puked on $315 for the cost of the tickets.  Clemmens could have served up to two years in jail for the incident.  Damn, these judges can be soft sometimes.

WOLFGANG PUKE: Matthew Clemmens received 3 months in jail for his sickening actions.

WOLFGANG PUKE: Matthew Clemmens received 3 months in jail for his sickening actions.

Clemmens had pleaded guilty in May to charges of assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct.  He admitted to have intentionally thrown up on spectators after hassling them for most of the game.  The Vangelo family, the ones who he puked on and struck, have not been back to Citizen’s Bank Park since the incident, despite the fact that the Phillies and thousands of fans have offered the family complimentary tickets to games.  No surprise there I guess.

Judge Dougherty said that he hoped Clemmens would spend his community service cleaning toilets at Citizens Bank Park–a service that is certainly needed in most ballparks.  Heck, I’d have him clean across the street at Lincoln Financial Field where puke at Eagles games in the bathrooms is far more commonplace.

Clemmens’ parents, friends, and grandfather testified in his defense that he was a good boy who just made one bad mistake.  Nice try.  Public Defender Richard Hark asked the court for probation, but you know how good public defenders are.

No word on whether the Phillies plan to have him throw up the first pitch on opening day next season.

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