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Pitcher Innings Limits

Some advanced fantasy baseball leagues use a pitcher innings limit.  This means that the total innings that your staff can pitch is limited.  Once that total innings pitched is reached, your statistics are locked in for the season.

Adam Wainwright is one pitcher you want to use every chance you get.

Adam Wainwright is one pitcher you want to use every chance you get.

The most common amount of innings pitched limit appears to be 1250 per season, although the Fantasy 411 League uses a limit of 1500.

Having a pitcher innings limit causes managers to be more selective with the use of their pitchers.  It also encouarages managers to pay closer attention to match ups.  It can be exactly the opposite of the strategy that we write about called the 2 start pitchers week where managers like to move pitchers into the starting lineup when they are going to get two starts that week.  Such a strategy often considers quantity over quality.  After all, if a guy has a chance to win two games in a week instead of one, why not bring him up, even in favor of a better pitcher who will only start once that week.

Most fantasy baseball managers tend to keep an innings pitched pace throughout the season so that innings are averaged out over the course of the season.  There is some disagreement on whether its best to keep at pace, ahead of pace, or behind pace, but one thing is for sure–you want to make sure that you use all of your innings that area allotted.

Pitcher innings limits.  Just one more thing to think about as a fantasy baseball manager.

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