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Baseball’s Hottest Wives Nominees

Picture Perfect: This picture of DeRosa has launched two consecutive Baseballs Hottest Wife titles.

Picture Perfect: This picture of DeRosa has launched two consecutive Baseball's Hottest Wife titles.

Philadelphia – Heidi DeRosa, wife of San Francisco Giants outfielder Mark DeRosa, has been
named “Baseball’s Hottest Wife” for the past two seasons by the readers of  This year, DeRosa, a model, is one of the “Sweet 16” finalists in the 3rd Annual Baseball’s Hottest Wives contest, as sponsored by the popular fantasy baseball blog site.

Last year, over 70,000 votes were cast via online voting and text message voting from  DeRosa, the returning champion, was spurred on to her second victory last year thanks to a successful ballot stuffing campaign by radio station KHITS 96 in St. Louis.

This year, however, the Baseball’s Hottest Wives contest has expanded from 12 entries to the “Sweet 16” by the editors of Fantasy Baseball Dugout and six first time entrants have been nominated.

“Due to the immense popularity of the contest the last two years,” said Jonathan Bentz, content manager for Fantasy Baseball Dugout, “we felt we needed to expand the number of eligible hot wives.”

The 2010 Fantasy Baseball Dugout “Baseball’s Hottest Wives” nominees are:

  1. Anna Benson – wife of Rockies pitcher Kris Benson
  2. Emily Kuchar Greinke – wife of Royals pitcher Zack Greinke
  3. Lisa Dergan Podsednik – wife of Royals outfielder Scott Podsednik
  4. Heidi Miller DeRosa – wife of Giants outfielder Mark DeRosa
  5. Lindsay Clubine Buchholz – wife of Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz
  6. Heidi Strobel Hamels – wife of Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels
  7. Jamie Kotsay – wife of White Sox DH Mark Kotsay
  8. Krista Lackey – wife of Red Sox pitcher John Lackey
  9. Michelle Damon – wife of Tigers DH Johnny Damon
  10. Laura Posada – wife of Yankees catcher Jorge Posada
  11. Diana Roberts – wife of Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts
  12. Jennie Finch – wife of Astros pitcher Casey Daigle
  13. Stephenie Lagrossa – wife of Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick
  14. Julianna Zobrist – wife of Rays outfielder Ben Zobrist
  15. Johari Smith Rollins – wife of Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins
  16. Saeko Darvish – wife of Nippon Ham Fighters pitcher Yu Darvish

In addition to being drop dead gorgeous, the 2010 edition of Baseball’s Hottest Wives have some interesting stories behind them.  Anna Benson’s stories are well documented to most baseball fans.  Jennie Finch is a gold medal pitcher for the USA Olympic team, and is the most famous softball player in the world; Finch received more votes than Anna Kournikova in ESPN’s 2003 vote for its Hottest Female Athlete.

Emily Greinke is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.  Lisa Dergan Podsednik and Heidi Hamels are both former Playboy centerfolds.  Hamels and Stephenie Lagrossa Kendrick were both on the TV show Survivor while Lindsay Clubine Buchholz and Diana Roberts were both briefcase models on Deal or No Deal.

“We even expanded internationally this year when we included Japanese actress Saeko Darvish,” said Bob Bentz, publisher of Fantasy Baseball Dugout.  “We believe that this will attract Japanese baseball fans to the contest to vote for Saeko.”

DELISH: Saeko Darvish is the first international nominee for Baseballs Hottest Wife.

DELISH: Saeko Darvish is the first international nominee for Baseball's Hottest Wife.

Viewers can watch a video of the 2010 Baseball’s Hottest Wives at Fantasy Baseball Dugout.  Those who wish to vote by text message can text HOTT <space> <number listed above> to 84444.  Regular text message rates apply.

Voting for Baseball’s Hottest Wives runs through September 8, 2010.

Clay Buchholz’s wife Lindsay Clubine is a television star and a strong candidate for the 2010 crown.

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