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Erin Andrews Vanity Fair Photos: Baseball Edition

Erin Andrews Vanity FairSure, we all love Erin Andrews, the ESPN sideline reporter and recent Dancing With The Stars contestant. A couple years back, we also took the giant leap of naming Sport’s Hottest Broadcaster. Big surprise, right?

Anyway, most of the coverage you see about Erin is devoted to football because of her role as a college football sideline reporter. However, Andrews has also always been involved in ESPN’s coverage of baseball and she has recently covered the College World Series.

Anyway, since just about everyone reading Fantasy Baseball Dugout is a baseball geek to some degree… we thought it proper to throw up these great photos of Erin with a baseball bat and glove from her recent shoot with Vanity Fair.

The interview is a complete waste of editorial space, but the pictures are definitely worth a once over. Like most photos Andrews takes, they are sexy without being all “over the top,” Anna Benson-type sexy. You know what I’m saying.

For the rest of the baseball photos, look below. If you want to see all the photos, you could always go to Vanity Fair. Just don’t read the interview, you’ll really be wasting your time.

Erin Andrews Vanity Fair 2

Erin Andrews Vanity Fair 3

Erin Andrews Vanity Fair 4

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