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Week 9 MLB Power Rankings

Tampa Bay Rays Carl Crawford (R) is greeted at home plate by team mates after he hit a grand slam in the ninth inning against the Toronto Blue Jays in their American League MLB baseball game in Toronto June 2, 2010. REUTERS/Fred Thornhill (CANADA - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

Fantasy Baseball Dugout is proud to have one of the six voting spots in Yardbarker’s Blogger Poll for MLB Power Rankings 2010. In addition to providing our insight on ranking each MLB team 1-30, we also monitor the NL East each week and drop a little insight on each team.

See below for our rankings for MLB Week 9.

The Phillies continue their descent down the rankings as they continue to lack any power in the lineup. De Rays remain at no. 1, Da Yanks stay at no. 2, and the Duh Twins are again no. 3. The biggest movers of the week are the Braves (up 7) and the Angels (up 8 spots) as each team has gone on impressive win streaks over their last 10 games.

Below, in ( ), you will find our week 8 power ranking for each team. Links point to our team archives in case you want to read everything we’ve got on each team.

  1. Tampa Bay Rays (1)
  2. New York Yankees (2)
  3. Minnesota Twins (3)
  4. St. Louis Cardinals (5)
  5. Atlanta Braves (12)
  6. Boston Red Sox (11)
  7. Toronto Blue Jays (9)
  8. Cincinnati Reds (4)
  9. San Diego Padres (6)
  10. Los Angeles Dodgers (8)
  11. Texas Rangers (10)
  12. Los Angeles Angels (20)
  13. Philadelphia Phillies (7)
  14. San Francisco Giants (15)
  15. Detroit Tigers (14)
  16. Oakland Athletics (13)
  17. New York Mets (17)
  18. C0lorado Rockies (16)
  19. Florida Marlins (19)
  20. Washington Nationals (18)
  21. Chicago Cubs (21)
  22. Chicago White Sox (22)
  23. Pittsburgh Pirates (26)
  24. Kansas City Royals (23)
  25. Milwaukee Brewers (25)
  26. Seattle Mariners (26)
  27. Arizona Diamondbacks (24)
  28. Houston Astros (29)
  29. Cleveland Indians (28)
  30. Baltimore Orioles (30)

Think there’s something horribly wrong with our list this week? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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