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Just a Little Luck

Winning a fantasy baseball league requires skill, for sure; but just like in professional sports, a little luck doesn’t hurt either.

Hi-O Silva: Carlos is 7-0

Hi-O Silva: Carlos is 7-0



Avoiding injuries is part luck, but also has an element of skill to it.  For sure, some MLB players are more injury prone than others.  During spring training, we reported that wearing special batting gloves may be one way to predict those fantasy baseball hitters that may end up on the DL.

Don’t let your opposing managers fool you.  The guy who picked Jose Bautista of the Jays had no idea that he’d have an all-time best 18 league-leading homers at this point in the season.  

What about Troy Glaus?  Glaus is leading the NL in RBI with 44.  RBI’s last year for Glaus?  2.

Want to talk pitchers?  How about relief pitcher Tyler Clippard of the Nationals having as many wins (8) as Roy Halladay to share NL league leadership!

Then, there’s Carlos Silva of the Cubs.  7-0.  Who’d a thunk it?  Silva earned $20.5 million over the past two seasons for the Mariners.  Total earnings per win?  Just over $4 million!  He was so useless in Seattle that the Mariners traded him for the biggest trouble-maker in the Bigs–Milton Bradley.

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