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Which Perfect Game Was MORE Perfect? Galarraga Edition

Armando Galarraga Perfect Game

Apparently in 2010, a perfect game is a very easy thing to complete. For Roy Halladay to throw one – not that big of a shock. But when guys like Dallas Braden and now Armando Galarraga get in on the action, something must be in the water at ballparks nationwide.

What happened to Galarraga’s perfecto last night is ridiculous… but at least the umpire has admitted to his wrong doing. Hopefully MLB can do something to correct it, although putting an * on this game or making some kind of box score correction in a post haste effort to “make things right” seems pretty lame, in my book.

An out is an out… and it should have been called that way. But it wasn’t – so move on.

That said, look at how Galarraga’s “perfect game” stacks up against Braden’s and Halladay’s perfectos from last month. Adding Galarraga’s game stats into the table we published yesterday leads me to believe that Galarraga’s performance last night may very well be one of the finest pitching performances in MLB history.

Of course – he did throw his perfect game against the Indians – who aren’t exactly comparable in the batter’s box to the Rays (or even the Marlins, for that matter). But to say that Galarraga’s start last night was DOMINANT is kind of an understatement.

I prefer to think of it as REDONKULOUSLY DOMINANT.

If you add Galarraga’s numbers into the table of stats that we used to compare Halladay’s perfect game and Braden’s perfect game, Galarraga’s perfecto wins 7-2-1. Braden’s perfect game, which beat Halladay’s in a head-to-head review 7-3, had more total strikes and more flyouts. Halladay’s perfecto had more K’s.

Check out the table below to see what I mean.


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