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Carlos Santana Fantasy Baseball Impact Player

Seldom do fantasy baseball managers keep extra catchers stockpiled on their minor league rosters.  Get an injury or two and you’re in need of a replacement.

Carlos Santana: Impact Fantasy Baseball Catcher

Carlos Santana: Impact Fantasy Baseball Catcher

The replacement we have in mind is music to your ears: Carlos Santana.

Santana has spent the year at Triple-A Columbus and is simply tearing up the International League.  Carlos Santana leads the league with 10 homeruns, an on base percentage of .447, and 35 walks.  He’s third in sluging at .573, fourth in RBI with 40.  Santana’s batting average is a robust .313.  Not bad for a catcher.

Cleveland’s situation behind the plate is in desperate need of assistance.  Lou Marson, acquired in the Cliff Lee deal from the Phillies, went 2 for 3 last night with a double and 3 runs scored.  But, Marson, 23, has struggled and his hot night just left him even with the Mendoza line.  Marson has 0 homeruns with 3 RBI and a surprising 3 stolen bases on the year.  Backup Mike Redmond, who attended Gonzaga, is hitting .227 (10-44) with 0 homers, 5 RBI, and 0 steals.

Under the circumstances, how much longer can the Tribe wait for Santana’s arrival?  Santana is an impact player waiting to deliver in a position that doesn’t usually deliver much of anything.  Carlos Santana is a must pick up in all fantasy baseball leagues.

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