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Baseball’s Hottest Wife Nominee: Julia Werth

Julia Werth and husband Jayson are soon to be very rich people.  The multi-tool outfielder of the Phillies, known as “Big Sexy” by his adoring female fans, is free agent eligible at the end of the 2010 season.

There’s nothing more that Phillies fans would love than to keep Big Sexy in the fold.  However, with the $25 million per year contract recently tendered to first baseman Ryan Howard, and a legitimate option waiting in the minors (Dominic Brown), it’s unlikely that Philadelphia will be able to hold onto Jayson Werth next season.

But, enough about money, let’s talk baseball wives and take an up close and personal look at Phillies hot wife, Julia Werth.

Tastes Great: Jayson and Julia Werth celebrate

Tastes Great: Jayson and Julia Werth celebrate

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