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15 Most Annoying Baseball Fans

We’ve all experienced them.  Here is Fantasy Baseball Dugout’s rundown of the Top 15 Most Annoying Baseball Fans.



15.  Runs on the field — OK, I have to admit, that I kind of like this guy and at times I’ve even cheered for him, but to be politically correct, I have to list him here.

14.  Texter Guy — Constantly texting his wife or girlfriend while at the game.

13.  Jersey Guy — Wears a replica jersey with his own name on the shirt!  Do you really think we will believe that your sorry ass was once on the Yankees?

12.  Fat Guy — Doesn’t fit in the seat.  The same guy that sits next to me on most of my flights.

11. Know it All — Schools his son on how he should change his batting stance while telling him all the wrong things to do.

10.  The Drunk Guy — It’s not so bad that he’s drinking and obnoxious, but why does anybody get drunk for $7.50 per beer?  Plus, there’s the 9 trips per game to the bathroom.

9.  Ball-Strike Guy — Yells at the ump from the upper deck on balls and strikes!  Like he can see them from 400 feet away!

8.  Camera Guy — The guy behind the plate who spends the entire game on his cell phone talking to his friends while waving his arms to get on camera.

7.  Glove Guy — The guy who brings his glove.  Exactly what are the chances that a ball will be hit to him in a 50,000 seat stadium?  1 in 50,000 I guess.

6.  Ex-Jock — The guy who brags about the no hitter who threw…in Little League.

5.  Work Buddies — They got the free tickets from the boss and show up in their suits and talk about things at the office the entire game.

4.  Ball Guy — Constantly yells at the players and bat boys to toss his nerdy kid a ball.

3.  Shirtless Guy — If you have the body of Prince Fielder, keep your shirt on…please.

2.  Wave Idiot — Constantly tries to start a wave, then gets pissed when the other fans don’t join in.

1.  Fantasy Baseball Jerk — Tells the players that they are “on his fantasy baseball team.”  Like they care.

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