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Dan Okrent: The Father of Fantasy Baseball

Dan Okrent: Fantasy baseball founder.

Dan Okrent: Fantasy baseball founder.

One of the most popular articles on Fantasy Baseball Dugout is the one that I did over a year ago about the history of fantasy baseball.

It would be difficult to discuss Rotisserie Baseball without mentioning the name of Daniel Okrent.  In fact, Okrent is prominent in the recent 30 for 30 feature about fantasy baseball that has been running on ESPN.  (Click here to watch “Silly Little Game” — the story about the origins of fantasy baseball.)

Some interesting reading is an article about fantasy baseball history that Okrent did for the Louisville Courier-Journal about his involvement as the “Father of Fantasy Baseball.”   Perhaps, the most interesting anecdote from the interview is the following:

Q: Let me get the fantasy baseball questions out of the way. On the recent ESPN documentary about the history of fantasy baseball, you said that there’s nothing more interesting than one’s own fantasy team, and nothing less interesting than someone else’s. You must hear about a lot of fantasy teams.

A: I get it all the time. Oh man, I could have made this trade and I didn’t. Or, you know how much I paid for Albert Pujols this year? When I explain to people why I’m not that interested, they understand pretty quickly. This look of recognition comes onto their face. Oh yeah, why would you care?

I think Okrent would agree with one of my philosophies:

Don’t ever tell a major league baseball player that he is on your fantasy baseball team.

They don’t care.

— Bob Bentz
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