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Christie Brinkley: Baseball Fan

To the best of our knowledge, supermodel Christie Brinkley has never been one of Baseball’s Hottest Wives.  To the best of our knowledge, Christie Brinkley has never dated Derek Jeter.

That being said, we found a picture of Christie in a Red Sox jersey and thought that justified her inclusion on FBD.  Heck, who’s kidding, even if we didn’t find the Red Sox picture, she could be in FBD.

RED SOX NATION welcomes Christie Brinkley.

RED SOX NATION welcomes Christie Brinkley.

In addition to being drop dead gorgeous, Christie Brinkley is also a terrific photographer.  Pinnacle baseball cards asked Christie to photograph the 1996 Baseball World Series championship teams–the Indians and Braves–for her own “Christie Brinkley Collection” of baseball trading cards. She is said to be the only photographer to get Albert Bell to crack a smile.  She’d certainly make us smile.

JASON, JASON! Youre on my fantasy baseball team!

"JASON, JASON! You're on my fantasy baseball team!"

Christie was recently voted as the sexiest 50+ woman in the world by Playboy magazine.  And, it’s hard to argue with those results.  Christie Brinkley is the sexiest woman in the world eligible for an AARP card.

And, she appears to love baseball too!

Could there be a more perfect woman on earth?



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