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Country Star Reveals More About Clemens

Mindy McCready Baseball Mistress will be available online and in stores on April 19.  In the adult film,

The Rocket Wont Launch: So says McCready

The Rocket Didn't Launch

McCready’s action is interspersed with a narrative about her former lovers, who included Red Sox and Yankees pitching great Roger Clemens, actor Dean (Superman/Clark Kent) Cain, country singer Alan Jackson and others.

McCready is one of 9 members in the third season of VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.”  She discusses her relationship with Clemens during the show.  On the VH1 show, she also performs the title single from her recently released album “Mindy McCready I’m Still Here.”  McCready has had 12 country singles on the Billboard country music charts, but none in the past 8 years.

McCready also reveals details on one of her steamy encounters with Clemens in Palm Springs. The News has reported that McCready had numerous rendezvous with Clemens in Las Vegas, New York City, Toronto and in her hometown of Ft. Myers.

In the film, released by Vivid Video, McCready says that she was with The Rocket in Palm Springs, New York, Toronto, Las Vegas, and in her hometown of Fort Myers.  She also says that of the two, Dean Cain was the superior lover and suggests that Clemens (ouch) could have benefited from some Viagra at times during their 10-year affair.  Sure, Clemens was awesome, but if Superman took the mound, I’d take him any day over The Rocket.

The FBI questioned McCready in connection with its investigation regarding Clemens and the steroid allegations.

McCready’s long-term romance with Clemens was exposed in the New York Daily News in April 2008.  Clemens has denied that his relationship with McCready was a sexual one, claiming she was a just a friend of the family.  Clemens has, however, mentioned that he has “made mistakes” in his life, but has given no details and has continued to say that any mistakes that were made did not involve steroids.

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