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Week 3 Spring Training Cheat Sheet

MLB: Rays vs Orioles MAR 09Below is our third review of the top three hitters and pitchers in each standard 5×5 fantasy baseball category during 2010 Spring Training.

Judging a hitter or pitcher on Spring Training performance is difficult because both hitters and hurlers tend to face some competition that won’t make an Opening Day roster. Spring Training stats can be useful in discovering who might breakout in the upcoming season or which rookies can make an impact when they are called up later in the year.

In the case of sluggers like Mark Teixeira, Spring Training numbers just reinforce the notion that they are warm weather superstars – guys who dominate during the summer months and are notorious slow starters because they play in a four-season climate.

Any thoughts on how spring training can positively or negatively affect a players fantasy value? We encourage you to drop them in the comments below.

Batting Average (minimum 50 at-bats):

  1. Tyler Colvin, Chicago Cubs: .444
  2. Sean Rodriguez, Tampa Bay Rays: .420
  3. Chris Coghlan, Florida Marlins: .373


  1. Rodriguez, Rays: 16
  2. Aaron Cunningham, San Diego Padres: 15
  3. Kaz Matsui, Houston Astros: 15

Home Runs:

  1. Rodriguez, Rays: 6
  2. Delwyn Young, Pittsburgh Pirates: 6
  3. Four players with 5


  1. John Bowker, San Francisco Giants: 18
  2. Young, Pirates: 18
  3. Four players with 16

Stolen Bases:

  1. Carlos Gomez, Minnesota Twins: 9
  2. Four other players with 7


  1. 13 players with 3 (including Zack Greinke, Tim Hudson, and Ricky Romero)


  1. 13 players have 2 saves each

ERA (minimum 16 innings pitched):

  1. Kevin Slowey, Twins: 0.56
  2. Tim Hudson, Braves: 1.35
  3. Todd Wellemeyer, Giants: 1.35


  1. Francisco Liriano, Twins: 22
  2. Five players with 19 (including Jon Lester and Ricky Nolasco)
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