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Alex Rodriguez: Fantasy Baseball Player of the Decade

As fantasy baseball moves into the 2010’s, it’s time to look back on the decade of the 00’s to determine who was the best fantasy baseball player of the past ten years.

Best fantasy baseball players of the 2000s

Best fantasy baseball players of the 2000s

If you have played fantasy baseball for the past ten years, you know that two names immediately come to mind–Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez.   Both have unbelievable stats, but the choice on the best player of the decade came down to one simple fact.

A-Rod played one more year than Albert.

Pujols began his career in 2001 with the St. Louis Cardinals.  During the nine year span, Pujols hit .334 with a high of .357 in 2003 and a “low” of .314 in ’02.  Add 366 homeruns (41 per  year) and 1112 RBI’s and you have one of the greatest power hitters of all time.  Stolen bases were never Pujols’ game, but he did have 61 over the nine years, including a career high of 16 last year.

A-Rod began his career with the Seattle Mariners in 1994 at the age of 18.  A-Rod signed a huge contract prior to the 2001 season and moved to the Texas Rangers where he spent three seasons before Texas realized it couldn’t afford him and sent him to the Yankees that could.

During the ten year span, Rodriguez whacked 433 homeruns (43 per year), 1243 RBI (124 per year).  His batting average varied between .286 and .321 and he’s .305 for his career.  Alex stole 179 bases–a stat that he dominated versus Pujols.

When comparing two superstars like Pujols and A-Rod, it’s difficult to choose.  You certainly had more drama in recent years with A-Rod, but that doesn’t count much in fantasy baseball.  In fantasy baseball, it’s all about the stats.

And, we’ll take A-Rod, because he may have helped us win our 2000 fantasy baseball league while Pujols was still playing in Low A ball for the Peoria Chiefs.

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