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Prevent Fantasy Baseball Injuries

Injuries can kill a promising season for a Major League Baseball team and a  fantasy baseball team.  But, how can you possibly predict injuries?xprotex batting gloves

One of the newest and best ways to predict injuries in baseball is to see which players are wearing a new form of injury protection in spring training.  It’s just another reason to watch the spring training games prior to the day of your 2010 fantasy baseball draft.

The new XProTeX batting gloves are making their debuts in spring training 2010 this year.  The batting gloves have a flexible layer of impact absorbing rubber on the back of the glove where a player is most likely to be hit by a fastball.  XProTeX representatives say the gloves reduce the impact of a 100 mph fastball to the equivelant of being hit by a 39 mph fastball.  So, instead of broken bones to the  hand, a player gets a small bruise.

I’ll bet Carlos Pena would have wished he had these batting gloves last  year when he got plunked by CC Sabathia on September 7.  Pena had an

Pena missed the last 4 weeks of the 2009 season, yet still hit 39 homers.

Pena missed the last 4 weeks of the 2009 season, yet still hit 39 homers.

AL-leading 39 homers at the time along with 100 RBIs.  Then, he suffered from two broken fingers thanks to CC.

“Carlos would have hit 45 home runs last year if that glove actually works,” Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon said.

XProTeX is traveling to spring training sites this year with ex-major leaguer Reggie Smith as its spokesperson.  It’s response has been very positive, although some players that may like to wear them already have deals with batting glove companies that may prevent them from wearing the new and safer batting gloves.

What does this mean to fantasy baseball managers?  Well, if you are looking to avoid injuries, give an extra bonus point to those players you see wearing the XProTeX batting gloves during spring training.

Two guys you’ll definitely see wearing them are Giants’ catcher Bengie Molina and Mets’ backstop Omir Santos.  “We should all wear them,” said Molina.  “It would prevent a lot of injuries.”

I’ll bet Chase Utley, Alfonso Soriano, or Pena wish they would have had these when they ended up on the DL after getting hit in the hand or wrist with pitched balls!

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