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Best Fantasy Baseball Tip

Expect a big 2010 season for Lastings Milledge.

Expect a big 2010 season for Lastings Milledge.

Here’s the single most important fantasy baseball tip you’ll get for the 2010 season.

More important than “don’t take a relief pitcher in the early rounds, as saves are always plentiful.”

More important than “your hometown players will always be over-valued in a local league.”

The single most important fantasy baseball tip for the 2010 fantasy baseball season is:

Watch the Games.

We’ve never believed that fantasy baseball should be the reason that you follow baseball; fantasy baseball should be something that you do that helps you enjoy baseball more.

By playing fantasy baseball, you naturally become more knowledgeable about the game itself.  You don’t just know about your hometown team, you know all the players in the league if you play fantasy baseball, even the players on the Pittsburgh Pirates.

There are many ways to keep up with the game.  One great value is purchasing which sells for $120 for the entire season.  One of the features of this season is called “fantasy tracker” which, combined with Yahoo Fantasy Sports, enables you to watch your fantasy players at bats only.  You can also watch condensed versions of the games and you’ll have access to every single MLB game.  You could definitely lose your job or flunk out of school with this fantasy baseball tool.

Another product which I believe in is buying the MLB Extra Innings package for your cable or Direct TV service.  It’s $200 per year, but you get to listen to Vin Scully in what will be Scully’s 61st season announcing the Dodgers and possibly his final season.  I find myself watching the Dodgers over every other team late at night not because I like the Dodgers, but because I love Scully.

Then, there’s the free things you can do like read the newspaper (assuming your city still has one), watch Sports Center, Baseball Tonight,  MLB Network, and, of course, read this blog and ones like it.

The Marlins cheerleaders -- another reason to go to the ballpark.

Marlins Cheerleaders get ready.

But, the best thing you can do to learn more about baseball and players that you can use on your fantasy baseball team is to attend the games.  There’s nothing like watching the players on your fantasy baseball team roster than seeing them in live action.

Just don’t make the exploits of your fantasy baseball player statistics bigger than the game itself.  It’s the game that matters.

And, whatever you do at the ballpark…

don’t ever tell a major league baseball player that he’s on your fantasy baseball team.

He doesn’t care.

BallparkBob will be making his annual pilgrimage to take in the Grapefruit League games next week.  He’ll be seeing the Phillies, Pirates, Yankees, and Rays, plus see some of the now college guys that I coached, while stationed in Clearwater Beach.  Leaving the record setting snowfall that has hit Philadelphia this year makes it all the better.

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