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Brittany Binger: Grady Sizemore’s GF

We’ve always thought of Grady Sizemore as a true 5-tool player.  But, after

Apparently it does to Grady too.

Apparently it does to Grady too.

seeing his pictures on the internet, Sizemore may be MLB’s first 6-tool player!

Sizemore, wearing nothing more than a coffee cup (he apparently drinks tea by the way), is shown in his bathroom from these self-photographed pictures.  There’s no doubt that the pictures are quite steamy (its hot tea).

You would have thought being named to Baseball’s Hottest Players last year would have been enough, but no-o-o-o-o-o-o-o.  Sizemore had to take some beefcake pictures for his girlfriend, Playboy playmate Brittany Binger.

Sizemore claims that the pictures were stolen from Binger’s email account.  In late November, the pictures began showing up all over the internet.

Major League Baseball and Sizemore’s agent tried to prevent sites from running the pictures, but when the internet is involved, that’s like trying to empty the swimming pool at Chase Field with a cup–the kind worn by a catcher.

We thought we’d run the pictures of Sizemore, but then we thought about it more and decided: why run a steamy coffee cup picture of Sizemore when we could surely find some pictures of his girlfriend!

So, here for your enjoyment is Grady Sizemore’s girlfriend, Brittany Binger.

Grady Sizemores GF Brittany Binger

SHELLED: Grady Sizemore's GF Brittany Binger

Sizemore hit a dinger with Binger.

HOMERUN: Sizemore hit a dinger with Binger.

HANGING CURVES: Binger can surf too.

See more Brittany Binger pictures here.

As for boyfriend Grady Sizemore and his 2010 fantasy baseball projection, he is coming off of his first ever sub-par season in his fifth full season with the Tribe.  He hit only .243 and whacked 18 homers.  Injuries limited him to just 106 games and he packed it in on September 9 to have elbow surgery.  He also went under the knife with abdominal surgery in the off-season.

If these pictures of Grady, however, are any indication, it looks like Sizemore is pumped for the 2010 season and should make an exciting comeback.

At least he’ll be busier and have less time to think about taking photos of himself.

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